fan art

  1. CloudySkies17695

    Happy (late-ish) Birthday, SpongeBob. :)

    I made this for SpongeBob's birthday a couple days ago and figured I might as well post it here, too.
  2. ZaneDrake

    SpongeBob 20 Years Fan Art

    I drew this using Artrage. What do you think? It took FOREVER!
  3. ZaneDrake

    More SpongeBob Drawings of Mine

  4. SpongeBob Fan Art Contest! For Hot Topic

    There is a fan art contest for SpongeBob going on right now where your design could have the chance to be featured on Hot Topic merchandise! Seems interesting, I know there are a lot of good artists here on SBM who should enter! Here's the link...
  5. Illiniguy34

    I took the Art Class instead of Cooking (Illiniguy's Art Gallery)

    I know I showed this off on ::dolphin noise::, but not everyone here is on ::dolphin noise::...... So here ya go. I've also been drawing more lately to get my ex-girlfriend off my mind. Kamen Rider Kuuga (Rising Mighty Form) Kamen Rider Agito (Ground Form) Gokai Silver Star Marco Star and Marco Soos, Wendy, Dipper, and Mabel
  6. XOctoGirlX

    Colored Version Of My Last Pic

    What the title says:
  7. XOctoGirlX

    The Lounger

    Drew and colored this by computer. I'm glad it turned out so well as it did.
  8. XOctoGirlX

    Octo Love

    A cute pixel doll pic I did. Squidward and Simone, singing. Base credit goes to: Link to original base: Magnet Base
  9. XOctoGirlX

    Caught Ya!

    My latest art pic ^_^
  10. XOctoGirlX

    Some of My Artwork

    Heres a link to my Squidward art: