1. PerpertualPretzel

    More drawings I did

  2. a_load_of_barnacles

    CONTEST (The results are in!): Draw Spongebob (With Grand Prize!)

    RESULTS ON NEXT PAGE, VOTING HAS ENDED! The criteria was "Draw SpongeBob any way you want, any style, any model, any coloring, any shape, any inspiration, just make it look like SpongeBob!" The drawers could do any style they wanted, this gave them a lot of freedom to draw SpongeBob how they...
  3. Spongeo

    Spongeo Sketches

    Well since everyone is doing I am too but mine is for a grade I got accepted to HS credit art and this is my art assignment over the summer: over the summer out of the 50 page sketch you do as much as you can and present it to the class next year. I can't wait to show them this!! Note: My...