christmas special

  1. PinkPugPrincess

    Show News Twas the Night Before Spongemas premiering on December 22

    A new Christmas-themed clip show called "Twas the Night Before Spongemas" will premiere on December 22nd @ 7 PM ET, as confirmed by the above promo. In this stand-alone special for Season 13, on Christmas Eve, SpongeBob and his friends look back on some of the fun and less-than-jolly Christmas...
  2. Famixofpower

    Why isn't there a Spongebob Christmas Carol?

    I remember coming up with the idea close to ten years ago. I'm gonna write out the basic layout I have of it so far in my head The show's got a perfect setup for it. Scrooge - Mr. Krabs “If they would rather dine elsewhere, they had better do it, and decrease the customer population.” Bob...