1. TheJasbre202

    The Underdog Trio (2017-present)

    The Underdog Trio is a Czech animated series created by Michal Pesek, revolving around three friends in the Czech Republic facing problems of their own. More info on the series when you contact me on discord: TheJasbre202#0634 The series currently needs more animators as we did end up...
  2. My Top 23 Episodes of SpongeBob Season 10 [Interactive]

    Lol no reviews here
  3. Matthew Davis the Movie Lover. This is Matthew Davis the Movie Lover, he really hates Johnny Test.
  4. Hi Guys This is my Video with Spongy

    Do You like it? Spongy Win!
  5. Cupofjoe

    Worst cartoon ever made in your opinion?

    I would say for me, Fanboy and Chum Chum. The characters look high and obnoxious to me, the theme song is awful, and the whole show was never funny and didn't make sense at all. I have no idea why this show is still airing new episodes.
  6. Best Cartoon Network Shows

    This a list of shows (mostly the old one) 10. The Flinstones 9. Yogi Bear 8.Amazing world of Gumball 7. Tom and Jerry 6. Billy and Mandy 5. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 4. Kid's Next Door 3. Johnny Bravo 2. PPG 1. Dexter's Lab
  7. MrColeslaw

    Favorite Childhood Cartoon?

    I'm surprised no one has done this yet. What's your all time favorite cartoon from your childhood? It could be from any channel or even a prime time cartoon. Mine is a tie between Rugrats and The Alvin Show. No one know what the alvin show is though, because it never got very popular. I've been...
  8. TheOneAndOnly543

    Which of these voice actors/actresses would you like to have guest voices on SpongeBob?

    :coolio: - Tara Strong - Grey DeLeslie - Matt Hill - Nicole Oliver - Kath Soucie - Cree Summer - Kathleen Barr - Nika Futterman - Cathy Weseluck - Kevin Michael Richardson - Richard Steven Horvitz - Elizabeth Daily - Candi Milo - Rob Paulsen - Tabitha St. Germain - Samuel Vincent...
  9. TheOneAndOnly543

    My Top 50 most FAVORITE Episodes! :D

    They are in no particular order! :) 1. Good Neighbors 2. Help Wanted 3. Doing Time 4. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV 5. Plankton's Pet 6. SB 129 7. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic 8. Krusty Towers 9. Dunces & Dragons 10. Rock Bottom 11. Stanley S SquarePants 12. Employee of The Month 13...
  10. TheOneAndOnly543

    Are you a casual or hardcore SpongeBob fan?

    I think that I am in between...but leaning a little more to the casual side...I think I always have been. I like every episode including the movie, but I only own a few SpongeBob things such as: -SpongeBob Movie DVD -SpongeBob Movie Game for Gamecube. -SpongeBob Plug N Play Game -SpongeBob...