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  1. Wumbo

    Steins; Gate - Life Changing

    Trust me on this one guys, the anime "Steins; Gate" is truly something to behold as a masterpiece. Give it a try, (the dub is excellent) even if you're not an anime fan :sbthumbs: . I'll leave the details minimum, because it's better to experience it your self, but in short - it's a story of a...
  2. Wumbo

    We can't ask for the show to return to its roots.

    Okay, so I was just giving this some thought. Often when people hate on the newer episodes It's because of Nostalgia. Most of these people can't help but look back and long for the old personality and genius storytelling that some may say has dwindled post-movie. Think about it this way, if...
  3. Wumbo

    What would Nickelodeon do without SpongeBob?

    I always get the feeling that SpongeBob is a huge reason why Nickelodeon succeeds these days. I mean, there hasn't been an over the top good animated Nick show for a while. For proof, just take a look at the tv listings: 5:00 SpongeBob 5:30 SpongeBob 6:00 SpongeBob 6:30 SpongeBob 7:00...
  4. Wumbo

    Predictions for the new movie?

    By now, I'm sure we're all aware that a new SpongeBob movie is in the works. Thankfully, the plot is being written by Hillenburg and some of the original team is returning to help. However, we don't know much at all about the plot. Will the movie start right where it left off? Are there any...
  5. Wumbo

    Who's pumped for the World Cup?!

    USA did pretty well last time so being from the USA, I have high hopes that they won't be eliminated too quickly. Even if they drop fast, It's still fun to watch the best of the best play. For anyone that doesn't know, It begins on June 12th and ends on July 13th.
  6. Wumbo

    Death Note

    Has anyone else seen this anime? If you haven't I suggest you drop everything and go watch it right now because you don't know what you're missing. That is all.
  7. Wumbo

    Original Character Concepts

    I always like to see how characters change from early concepts to when they're first shown on screen. The SpongeBob cast especially has some pretty significant changes. If you know of any I missed, please share! Here are the main characters as Hillenburg first drew them...
  8. Wumbo

    Is it too late to introduce myself?

    Hello SBMania! You may or may not remember me, I joined these forums back in December and only actively posted for about a week or so before becoming preoccupied with schoolwork and such. However, I think I can say that I'm back for good now! Anyways, I never took the time to introduce myself...