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  1. Luray

    From Mr. Nicktoons to Luray: a post to let everyone know i changed my name

    Heyo! its mr. nicktoons..... well, now Luray i guess, heh. ive decided to change a few things and spruce up my profile. im gonna honestly try to be more active, but this is just a post to let everyone know i changed my name to fit with the rest of my social media.
  2. Luray

    My thoughts on the promos for "Factory fres" and how i feel it will end up

    one of my first real "discussions" i guess, hope you enjoy it! i feel there a few parts that arent that good, so please point out any problems:
  3. Luray

    i dont think ive ever shared my art here before, so guess what im gonna do!

    please enjoy! any tips/[constructive] criticisims are greatly appreciated For anyone whos curious, the cats name is Garp, The small dog is Kipper, and the Girls name is Mitzy[ who is a kangaroo] i also have a bit of fan art/commisions if anyones interested in seeing them
  4. Luray

    PaRappa The Rapper 20th Anniversary 4K remake coming to PS4 in 2017 So, Besides Crash Bandicoot n-sanity trilogy, another ps1 mascot is coming pack, PaRappa! although its just a remaster, the graphics look stunning! also as a sidenote, they have also made a new anime called "PJ Berri No Mogumogu Munya Munya" the 1st...
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    Vey Intriguing article about the first Spongebob Movie so, literally 12 days before the first movies original release, this news article came out talking about some of the hardships working on the movie. you guys can check out the full article, but im gonna quote here what i think is the most interesing...
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    Spongebob: Re-Hydrated footage found!

    For anyone who doesnt know what Spongebob: RE-Hydrated is, Click this link:,_2003) Anyways, footage has been found from the alleged "ten minute short" from nicktoons, it was listed on the LMW page for S:RH...
  7. Luray

    Old Games i made on Gamegonzo

    so, back in january, i apparently made these games on a website called under my email. i dont ever remember making these. G.I.R's Quest 4 taco's: Spongebob V.S Plankton's...
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    Drawing Requests!

    im doing drawing request cuz my last topic sucked so ye
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    Spongebob Squarepants: legend of the Lost Spatula Advertisment [2001] RARE heres an advertisment for legend of the lost spatula that i found and posted on youtube whilst scouring the internet, hopefully someone can put this in the clips section.
  10. Luray

    Saturday Night Live 2003 animated sketch feat. Spongebob and The PowerPuff Girls ive been looking for this video fro like 3 years, and i finally found it on the snl website, i watched it, and its abotu 4 x-presidents trying to make a pro- war cartoon ala those old looney toons pro-war cartoons, and...
  11. Luray

    Mugman Appreciation Thread

    a thread to discuss about Jacob Lenard's animated series, Mugman. anything related to mugman can be posted here, including pics, gifs, videos, links, etc. for those who have never heard of mugman, I highly advise you to check out this link: this is the official website for mugman...
  12. Luray

    Mr. Nicktoons' Super Not So Duper Spongebob Collection

    hi! here i will be posting my spongebob collection, i cant fit it all in a single post, so it'll stetch out through this topic. pics will come later today, Hope You Enjoy!
  13. Luray

    Nick Clickables: A Series Of Old Downloadables

    so i discovered these old downloadables called "Nick Clickables" through the wayback machine Website Basically, Nick Clickables Were Interactive Characters That Would interact with you on your desktop, Basically Nickelodeon Bonzi Buddy. They Were All Nicktoons, The Ones That Were...
  14. Luray

    I Made A Short Film (The Bookerman) Made this with a friend of mine during a 5 hour film project, lemme know what you think, thanks!
  15. Luray

    A secret Project...Now Revealed! a collab channel with me and some sbm members, we do podcast and stuff, btw, we do post mature content, don't say i didn't warn you! anyway, i f you wanna get involved wiuth the podcast or start posting on the channel, contact me, purdy...
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    so, let me explain, me and lego spongy were thinking about making a podcast, we don't have a complete idea of what it will be like, or even a name, but we would like to work on that idea some more, this will probably be the re-incarnation of the sbm channel so, the podcast will be hosted...
  17. Luray

    I have A Twitter Now!

    So yeah, i have a twitter now Same name as here, so yeah, check it out yo. Also ps im still alive
  18. Luray

    Tinychat Party open all the time, just me and patty sponge right now, come join or party
  19. Luray

    Cartoon ideas

    im making my 2nd flash cartoon, heres the first: but anyways i need ideas for my next cartoon, plese help.
  20. Luray

    The SBM Channel ( continuation of rusty's sbm channel idea)

    i was very intrequied by rustys sbm channel idea, so i decided to stretch this idea a little further, here are some images: logo concept 1: logo concept 2: i have also decided to make an ACTUAL sbm channel video to come out on a saturday, this will be the beta of the channels saturday...