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    Here's a new SpongeBob Drawing!

    Hi guys sorry I havent been that active lately, but I'm here today to show you a spongebob I drew!
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    Alpha Group Appointed Global Master Toy Partner for Nickelodeon’s 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

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    A new show I'm making episode list.

    So I had this idea for a show, where the main character is me but I can't think of a show title. Anyway here is a episode list. if you are interested in looking at the first seasons episode list and a part of season 2 episode...
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    Blank SpongeBob DVD Case Templates

    So in here, you can post blank templates for the DVD Covers! i'll start us off It Came From Goo Lagoon
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    What do you like to do while listening to Christmas Music?

    i like to turn on the Christmas lights in my room and turn on my little tree with little LED lights and put in the "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" DVD and use the Yule Log on my TV. what do you like to do while listening to Christmas music?
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    Look at what i got in the mail!

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    Feral Friends Patchy Segment (Behind the Scenes) Info from -
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    A new method hope this works out for you and watch my livestreams for free gift cards.
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    Legends of Bikini Bottom Patchy Segment So this was a one time thing that only aired when the episode mini series aired on Nickelodeon back in like 2011
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    IPhone X Your Thoughts?
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    Sad News For 9Go! Watchers In Australia

    Sad news for anyone who watches 9Go! in Australia, 9Now changed their branding of kids content over to Cartoon Network. so that means that SpongeBob SquarePants will no longer be aired on the network. i can confirm this is real because if you check 9Go's schedule there is no SpongeBob to be seen...
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    Rare SpongeBob Merchandise Overview (Heh, uhhh i use some bad words. saying them would be a no no :P)
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    Possible Canadian French Dub?

    So i was looking for some dubs online and i discovered a Canada TV station that airs it other than YTV an Nick. that channel's name is "Vrak" and SpongeBob airs on the network on weekdays. so i have no idea if this is true or not. but i have some hope for it to be Canadian French...
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    More Possible Info on The SpongeBob Movie 3!

    i was browsing imdb which i know that this can sometimes be false, but i saw the cast for the third movie! here, have a look there is also planned release dates too: Germany - August 1st, 2019 USA - August 2nd, 2019 UK - August...
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    Futurama The Game: One Of The Rarest Games?

    Now, throughout my history with video games, i have came across many rare gems like the Xbox Magazine games and Parapa The Rapper but however, there is one game that is even more rare in my opinion. and that is Futurama The Game. this game was released on the PS2 and Xbox and has since then been...
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    My attempt at making planed but canceled spongebob game cases.

    Nickelodeon Party Blast (PS2 Full Case) Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (Xbox Front Cover) Creature from the Krusty Krab (Xbox Front Cover) so obviously these need some improvements to them but i just thought i would share these :)
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    which Ed Edd n Eddy game is better? (POLL)

    choose between the only three games that were ever made for console and or handheld. i would post images but the extension wouldn't allow me to
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    A way to track down the titles for Original Production music for SpongeBob

    hey guys, i'm here today to bring some exciting news to some spongebob music uploaders out there. i was talking with one of my good friends on Discord last night, and he sent me a link to a database where you can find the titles of SpongeBob production music...
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    Battle For Bikini Bottom PC Port Project

    So as you can tell by the title, i am going to start on a BFBB port project. even though i don't got the best operating system on my other laptop (*cough* Windows XP), it still works. so i'm going to try and do a PC port of the game. I know it might seem impossible but i'm at least going to give...
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    anyone wanna join....

    My Discord? its new. OH and uh, you can say whatever you want but read #rules first. other than that idc whatcha do :P well here ya go