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  1. Luray

    From Mr. Nicktoons to Luray: a post to let everyone know i changed my name

    Heyo! its mr. nicktoons..... well, now Luray i guess, heh. ive decided to change a few things and spruce up my profile. im gonna honestly try to be more active, but this is just a post to let everyone know i changed my name to fit with the rest of my social media.
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    The SBMania YTP Collab 4 Announcement!

    I've been planning a 4th installment for while, i got prez's permission since I started this whole thing, and I've been planning to make sure it would be the best one yet. so im a little hesitant about this. if you want, we could talk with prez and sort this all out
  3. Luray

    Stephen Hillenburg Diagnosed with ALS

    for the majority of my life, Spongebob was [and still is] my biggest influence and favorite show of all time, and to hear its creator be diagnosed with and uncurable disease with a fluctuating, uncertain lifespan is so utterly heartbreaking, it's hard to manifest into words. I've had Numerous...
  4. Luray

    Hurt and Heal: Nicktoons

    Hurt: Rabbids Invasion Heal: Catscratch
  5. Luray

    My thoughts on the promos for "Factory fres" and how i feel it will end up

    one of my first real "discussions" i guess, hope you enjoy it! i feel there a few parts that arent that good, so please point out any problems:
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    Pinned thread Post Random Pictures

    this might be offensive to people, if you dont like that kind of stuff dont read
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    i dont think ive ever shared my art here before, so guess what im gonna do!

    please enjoy! any tips/[constructive] criticisims are greatly appreciated For anyone whos curious, the cats name is Garp, The small dog is Kipper, and the Girls name is Mitzy[ who is a kangaroo] i also have a bit of fan art/commisions if anyones interested in seeing them
  8. Luray

    Make Me Laugh Competition (REVIVED)

    a couple weeks ago, i inveted a friend of mine over to my house to just chiil. i barrely knew him, but he was sorta poor and didnt speak perfect english, i sorta felt bad for him, so i decided to invite him over, he was playing Pokemon sun and moon while coming to my house, he just caught a rare...
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    PaRappa The Rapper 20th Anniversary 4K remake coming to PS4 in 2017 So, Besides Crash Bandicoot n-sanity trilogy, another ps1 mascot is coming pack, PaRappa! although its just a remaster, the graphics look stunning! also as a sidenote, they have also made a new anime called "PJ Berri No Mogumogu Munya Munya" the 1st...
  10. Luray

    Ship the member above you (REVIVED)

    BobCarotte x Pooping Rapping Seagulls
  11. Luray

    Was a HD Version of The Textless Theme Song Made?

    thats a question to ask a crew memeber about. vincent waller has a twitter and sherm cohen has a deviantart
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    Grade The Video Game Above

    8/10 M.U.G.E.N.
  13. Luray

    Huge Nickelodeon theme park coming to NJ

    This is cool and all, but my question is are they gonna shut down the one in minnesotta like they did With the nick hotel?, shutting it down in florida and then moving it to punta cana, or are they gonna have two different theme parks?
  14. Luray

    McDonald's vs Burger King

    Burger king wins over McDonalds 1,000,000 to one. they take more risks, have interesting menu items to appeal to anybody [Veggie Burgers, Mac & Cheetos, Hot Dogs] and there Food tastes like its actually cooked. [allthough sonic is better than both of them]
  15. Luray

    (Last Chance to join) SBM Hunger Games

    ill do it i guess
  16. Luray

    (Last Chance to join) SBM Hunger Games

    what is SBM hunger games? sounds cool
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    Vey Intriguing article about the first Spongebob Movie so, literally 12 days before the first movies original release, this news article came out talking about some of the hardships working on the movie. you guys can check out the full article, but im gonna quote here what i think is the most interesing...
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    What Other Wii U Games Do You Want Ported To The 3DS?

    Yoshi's Woolly World or Splatoon, definitley
  19. Luray

    September Desktops

    [and no, the spongebobs arent part of the background, its just some shimeji i got off deviantart]
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    I found a picture of this forum

    Funny Meme m8 [ but seriously i hate the clickbaiting here >_> ]