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  1. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    Me reviewing every Sonic game.

    Before I begin, I'd like to quickly go over my rating system. The way I will be rating these games are from S all the way to F. So with that out of the way, let's begin with: Sonic The Hedgehog To put it blunty, I have no feelings towards this game. I don't hate it, not by a long shot, but I...
  2. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    My Top Twenty SpongeBob Episodes!

    So, I guess I've been a bit lazy with my lists, and I haven't been able to finish them without bumping, so I'm making a new list! :D But, don't worry, I have it all figured out. So, let's start with #20..... #20 Krabby Road The best Season Six episode in my opinion. I absolutely love this...
  3. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    Final Boss Themes that really don't fit.

    I think that this final boss theme is really unfitting to the situation. (The world being destroyed.) Post any you think don't fit too!
  4. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    PoliticalPatrick Reviews Every Episode Of SpongeBob.

    Episode 1a: Help Wanted Fun Fact: Who's SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Gary and Mr Krabs? I don't know. Quote: "I'm ready!" Highlight: Hydrodynamic Spatula. I really like this episode. SpongeBob really got it's sea legs right at the beginning (unlike SpongeBob himself). So, why do I like it...
  5. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    I'm making a video game!

    Jim's Adventure in Crab's Castle The game isn't complete yet, but you can play the Alpha and Beta. Also, if you reply to this topic, you can be in the credits! Hope you enjoy! Trailer: Alpha: Beta...
  6. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    My SpongeBob Season!

    Episode 1a: Bottle Capping Capers The episode starts with SpongeBob and Patrick laughing and playing, annoying Squidward. Squidward: Grr, Spongebob, Patrick! Would you two mind?! I'm trying to sleep, and your yabbering isn't helping! Spongebob: Oh, sorry Squidward. We'll be quieter! (To...
  7. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    PoliticalPat's Drawings of SB Characters.

    I hope you like it. I made it using a mouse, and I was using MS Paint.
  8. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    Top/Bottom Five SB Episodes of All Time: PoliticalPat Edition!

    #5 Worst Giant Squidward ::dolphin noise:: this episode. I hate this episode! SpongeBob and Patrick are idiots here, and they are really destructive to Squidward and his property. Also, because of their idiocy, Squidward's life was almost destroyed. But, the real nail in the coffin is when...
  9. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    PoliticalPat's Bottom 20 Spongebob Episodes of Bad SB

    Hello everybody, and welcome to my bottom 20 Spongebob episodes of all time (so far). This list is from Seasons 6-8, the commonly stated bad seasons. With that out of the way, let's get to the ratings! The ratings are: Gold, Good, Average, Meh, Bad, Abysmal and sCumBob. So, without further...
  10. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    PoliticalPatrick's NEW Top/Bottom 5 SB Episodes from each season.

    #5 Worst For Season 1 Boating School So, this episode. I don't find it to be that bad by any means, although it's not without flaws, this episode's main flaw is how boring it is. I know that Season One has simple stories filled with comedy but -in my opinion- the comedy is slightly lacking...
  11. WhosTheRealPinheadPatrick?

    PoliticalPatrick's Top and Bottom Five SB Episodes for each season.

    Top: Season One ---------------- 5. Walking Small - This episode is probably here beacause of the good pacing, good comedy, and a good plot resolving. Star Rating: 8.1/ 10 4. Culture Shock - I love this episode so much! The comedy is top notch, and the plot is genius! I recommend it...