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  1. Zimmy11

    What happened to SBM?

    I’ve been off for a really long time, and I come back to see this... Is this a new screen or something? Because the home screen is the only one that still has the artwork I was used to seeing.
  2. Zimmy11

    426-450 (Bunny Hunt-Library Cards)

    I am now officially back, and so is the Series. Thanks to the recent releases of Plankton Paranoia and Library Cards, I now have enough to make a poll for episodes 426-450, but Call the Cops has to miss out due to being episode 451 and will therefore be part of the 451-475 poll. So what I’m...
  3. Zimmy11

    Colour the Character

    Originally, this topic was going to be one of my usual ‘member replies to the previous member’ games, but I decided to do different for this one: The rules are quite simple. All you need to do is share which colours you feel matches each character, you can have the same colour for more than one...
  4. Zimmy11

    A little news about the DQT status updates...

    After 562 days of’s over. Yes, there will be no more questions, but why is that? You see, DQT is an acronym for Daily Question Time, and it’s called this because the series was based on me adding a new question to the site every day. The thing that made me stop them is the fact...
  5. Zimmy11

    Wrong Quotes

    This is a really simple game because all you need to do is choose a random quote from the show. However, instead of writing it the correct way, you will be writing ’the opposite’. I'll set an example below; ”I love money” = ”I hate money” Ultimately, go crazy!
  6. Zimmy11

    Pinned thread Upcoming Episode Talk

    We have got the synopsis for all of the remaining episodes of Season 11, besides from 3 episodes. You may probably have seen them before, but at least you can now discuss them here. 233A- Whale Watching: Mr Krabs hires Squidward to babysit Pearl for the night, but she just wants to sneak out to...
  7. Zimmy11

    The Face Swap Game

    The aims of the game are to use a face swapping thing (I strongly suggest the FaceSwap2 app) to face swap two different characters, but you only post the result and the other members have to guess which 2 characters are being swapped, and the right person does the next face swap. You can choose...
  8. Zimmy11

    The Episode Factory

    The rules are that a member starts by writing down an episode name, the other members will then need to either change, add or remove a word from it in order to slowly get to an another existing name. However you can only do one change per each post. Here’s 2 examples... Short 1. The Paper 2...
  9. Zimmy11

    DQT Members (Sign Up)

    Ok, so I have two things to say, both relating to the DQT status updates; 1. From now on I won't be deleting any of the questions because I can still give my own answers to them too so that you can find out more about me. (this happened with 515) 2. I'm considering making some new questions...
  10. Zimmy11

    Answer the Question Above You

    It's exactly what it says on the tin. The first member asks a question then the next member answers it, before also writing a question for another member and so on...
  11. Zimmy11

    The Character List

    The rules are as follows: You just name one or a bunch of characters per post, with each occurring post, we will see how many characters we can name. Also, there will need to be a group of posts that will keep track of the characters we have named so far. I'll give you a head start; SpongeBob...
  12. Zimmy11

    401-425 (Burst Your Bubble-Sanitation Insanity)

    It's been a long time since the last one of these (almost a whole year), but now that there's been 25 new episodes (in production order, not airing order) we can now get to this new set. Hopefully, the next one won't take as long, but are you gonna do?
  13. Zimmy11

    Continue the episode/movie

    I just thought about this idea of a game. The aim of the game is to continue an episode from its ending, the result can be anything you want, wether it builds up the plot, connects to another episode or just make it completely random. Also, once a member has wrote their part, the following...
  14. Zimmy11

    230b. Bottle Burglars

    230b "SpongeBob and Squidward accidentally let Plankton slip away with the formula, and it's up to them to retrieve it" I think I can recall this episode being called Bottle Burgers, for some reason. Anyway, hasn't this plot been done before? I mean Plankton got the formula in F.U.N, and...
  15. Zimmy11

    230a. High Sea Diving

    230a "SpongeBob wants to be the first sponge that dives to the surface of ocean" Seems like an interesting plot, I wonder if a few of his family members will appear or at least get mentioned. The episode comes out on 6th April 2018
  16. Zimmy11

    The Jewelry Twig Portal Dimensions

    I was originally planning on doing this after all the parts have been shown to you, but since that will take a long time, I've decided to create a topic based around my crossover series known as The Jewelry Twig Portal Dimensions (though I tend to call it Jewelry Twig god short). Here, you will...
  17. Zimmy11

    Mr Krabs

    In honour of yesterday being 'The Day Krabs Fries', I thought that it would be fitting for this topic to be made. Everything in this topic must be about Mr Krabs. You can post anything, including images and videos. As long as they're related to Mr Krabs.
  18. Zimmy11

    I've recreated my avatar

    If you can't tell, it's pixelated, and I made it on an app called Pixel Art, where you colour in the numbers to recreate any of your pictures in a pixelated form. What do you think?
  19. Zimmy11

    Hurt & Heal: Pre Movie SpongeBob Episodes

    The regular rules of Hurt & Heal still apply here, except this time it's for the pre movie episodes of SpongeBob. Every episode will start with 10 points, and any member can update the list. Season 1: Help Wanted (10) Reef Blower (10) Tea at the Treedome (10) Bubblestand (10) Ripped Pants (10)...
  20. Zimmy11

    A reason to not trust Wikipedia...

    This is, of course, not true, I found this on site from a couple years ago, and it didn't come true.