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  1. baba_944

    Stephen Hillenburg Hates Overexposure

    I read on here an interview that contained an anecdote about Stephen Hillenburg. In the interview, he (or someone else) stated that Stephen was in a restaurant and stepped outside for a break, he saw a Spongebob gumball machine(?) and got mad. He (or the interviewer) gone on to say how he hated...
  2. baba_944

    Don't Be a jerk Song

    I was just listening to Don't Be A Jerk and the music video looks so familiar. Turns out 11 to 10 years ago, this music video played during Nick's Ha Ha Holidays special. I vividly remember it. Now no one one has it. Does anyone else saw this back then? I want to say it's between 04 and 05. It...
  3. baba_944

    Question Regarding A Spongebob Episode

    Despite me despising the newer SPongebob episodes, I have an episode on my mind that could be in the mid-season of the show that I need help finding. Here are the only parts I know: Squidward gets hurt on the job. Instead of paying for workers' comp, Mr. Krabs decides to give in to...
  4. baba_944

    Question Regarding Season 9 & 10 Episodes

    So with the airing of season 10 this month and some push-backs of season 9 episodes, that begs the question (at least for me): how can we differentiate between the two seasons without explicitly being told? Will they have tiny visual differences or an "updated" (better?) script? I'm asking this...
  5. baba_944

    "Army Men 2" Getting A Remake/Port?

    So according to the Brazil classification board, "Army Men 2", the sequel to the hit game "Army Men", is getting a remake/port to the following consoles: "XBOX ONE", "Playstation 4", and PC. It's safe to assume that this is true due to two games having been leaked through this: "Digimon World...
  6. baba_944

    Finding An Old TV Ad

    I was sitting in my folks room playing "Sonic Riders" on the PS2. After I got bored of that, I turned off the game and turn it to channel 29 ("Cartoon Network") where I saw the "The End" sequence of Courage. Then a commercial came on advertising "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity". Here's the things I...
  7. baba_944

    Spongebob English/French Title

    I did an English translation of all seasons 1-3 episodes. English episode name/French episode name (converted to English) Season 1 Help Wanted/Welcome Aboard Reef Blower/ The great cleanup Tea At The Treedome/ Axphyxiation in string(?) Bubblestand/ Sculptures on bubbles Ripped...
  8. baba_944

    Why Hasn't To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants aired often?

    The last time I saw it was back when it premiered, and ever since then, it hasn't aired. Why?
  9. baba_944

    "Krusty Krab Training Video" Full Ending

    I found this thread (he states that he's not kidding) that the full ending had the Krabby Patty formula, albeit, he says it fast. To be really, really, honest, I swear I've saw it too. I know it's close to "April Fool's", but I swear I've seen this before. EDIT: Thread in question...
  10. baba_944

    The Embarassing Snapshot Of Spongebob At The Christmas Party

    From the official Spongebob "Instagram" account: EDIT: Turns out this is probably not it. Aw.
  11. baba_944

    Painty The Pirate Movie Debut:

    ‼️⁉️❓❗️⁉️‼️ ‏@paultibbitt 50s Hey look at this. We dug up the original Painty the pirate!!! He's ready to make his movie debut.
  12. baba_944

    What Does Twigger Means?

    The full version of "Sailor Mouth" title card music, "Sailing Over The Dogger Banks", they keep on saying "Twigger". What's a twigger? No yahoo search gives anything.
  13. baba_944

    I found This On Twitter Regarding Spongebob Squarepants Spong Out Of Water Screening

  14. baba_944

    Spongebob General Mills Cereal USA?

    So anyone tried that new cereal? I have it it tastes alright. It has all of the main characters but in deformed cereal pieces. The characters are Spongebob, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Plankton, LArry, Gary, and Patrick. There's no marshmellows thought. It's good nonetheless.
  15. baba_944

    Weird Spongebob Episode

    So I'm helping this guy on "Reddit" with identifying this episode for him. Here it goes: So my buddy is telling me about this trippy SB episode and he insists that it's real but we can't find anything. In the episode, he says Spongebob is looking for something or somebody and crawls into a...
  16. baba_944

    "Wormy" Deleted Scene

    For the deleted "Spongebob eating a pie" scene, where was it's place in the show?