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    Which bands/artists/genres of music have you "grown out of"? Which ones have you gotten used to?

    I remember a couple of months ago, I listened to Nirvana a lot, and I just kind of stopped. I still like them, but I probably got tired of them quickly because all I would listen to was Nirvana. I also remember, for a week or two, I liked blink-182. I also listened to a lot of '90s pop a year...

    Possible lost SB episode?

    No, not like The Sponge Who Could Fly :p But like an episode that the writers decided not to show? If the show got away with the doubloon joke, then there can't be anything AS bad. :P Knowing us, we probably would have found it by now, or maybe it would've been leaked. *shrug* Who knows? Any...

    What are some song lyrics that you mishear?

    Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.' The only part I know is the hello part where he repeats it. :P I never knew what the actual lyrics were. Here is how I hear it: A MOSQUITO E IN A SPEEDO HIS POTATOES IN THE PLATOES (And then random noises) What are some of yours?

    Episode match-up reviews!

    Simple, you guys tell me two episodes and I will review both and pick a winner just out if the two. :) Example: It's a SpongeBob Christmas vs. Christmas Who? They don't have to be pre-movie vs. pre-movie or post-movie vs. post movie. Just pick two random episodes!

    What did you do today?

    Simple, just put what you did today! DO NOT PUT 'nothing' and make it a GOOD answer. You can't put the same thing in a row like 'went to school and did homework' Try not to post everyday and the same thing over and over. :) Example: -Jan 31, 2015: Went shopping at the mall and saw a movie at...

    Free Ticket Code

    I was at Costco the other day (stealing samples) and I bought the Season 1 Set. One thing sparked my eye and it was a free code to Sponge Out of Water! It came with the set. It might have been a special offer for Costco to promote the movie...maybe? Not 100% sure, though.

    Theme Parks or Water Parks?

    Which one do you enjoy more? I personally love both, roller coasters and water rides <3 But, I don't go to many water parks so I enjoy them a little more. I still love roller matter how many loop-de-loops :p Thoughts?

    Should SpongeBob use different music is regular episodes? (Actual soundtracks)

    What I mean by this is, should SB use soundtracks in movies? Like randomly, SB is working out and then...RISING UP, BACK ON THE STREETS...TOOK MY CHANCES.. :p The example was stupid, but should they add that to the episodes? Personally, no. They might put too many songs, and in only 11 minutes...

    What do you collect(ed)?

    What collections do you have? SB and non SB related. I have a SB DVD collect and all different kind of SB merch, like clothes, figures, stuffed animals, etc. Besides those, I collect all different kinds of DVDs. I also have a ton of earrings! Rubber ducky earrings, ice-cream, burgers, whales...

    Things you thought were true when you where little

    I always thought there where only 5 jobs in the world. (Doctor, Firefighter, princess, hair stylist, and someone in the Military) I thought my drawings will come to life. (Because of Chalkzone and Frankendoodle :P) Curse words were banned everywhere. SpongeBob was an actual person. (I was...

    Songs in SpongeBob

    What do you think of them? Favorite? Least favorite song? I like them because, well, they are pretty funny and nice to listen to. Like F.U.N, Very First Christmas To Me, Goofy Goober Rock, Theme song, and many others.

    Do you like suprises?

    I love suprises! I just can't know a surprise is coming, because then I would really wanna know what it is and it will drive me crazy not knowing a surprise for me. :p It makes me feel all tingly inside :fun:

    How did you start watching SpongeBob?

    So, how did you first start watching the show? I was pretty little, so I liked all of the colors and the jokes. Like the kick-your-butt joke in The Bully. :p

    SpongeBob Cookbook

    Does anyone else own this cookbook? I got it on Amazon...and I LOVE IT! The recipes are really fun and easy. There are different "chapters" of each characters and they have their own recipes! Squid has a crepe tiki-head and fancy drinks, for an example. My favorite one is Mr. Krabs cake krabby...

    Most Unsatisfying Things?

    A little follow-up to most satisfying things by Big Spooky Claws. This time its most unsatisfying! Discuss away! -Paper cuts -Chapped lips -Waking up really early -Falling of a bike or chair -Hitting your head on a table -Pencils breaking -Dried-out markers -Stepping on Legos -Stuck on a hard...

    What's your Halloween plan?

    So what is your Halloween plan? Do you go trick or treating? Give out candy? Pretend to be a 8 year-old and still ask people for candy? Do a haunted house? Go to a party? Hang out with friends? Don't care? Undicided? I'm still undicided on what I am going to do, need to decide soon...

    What your least favorite and favorite scary movies?

    Ahhhh yes, it's that time of the year again, the time where you can just sit back and relax while watching a scary movie that makes you poop your pants. So, what's your favorite horror movie and least favorite one? (For people who aren't really into the whole deal, you can say which ones sound...

    I realized something in Squid Wood.

    I was watching Squid Wood, and when Squidward was painting he had his Artist Unknown outfit on, (the hat and tie was purple instead of red, though) and the even said the word unknown! I bet it was some stupid and weird coincidence, but it still was pretty interesting.


    What's your favorite kind of cereal? For me, I really don't eat a lot of cereal. But I really enjoy, Lucky Charms, Cheerios (not the honey kind), Reese's Puffs, and Fruit Loops.


    Well, to continue our ongoing food topics, here's one about cake. (And now I want cake! :p ) Do you like cake? Favorite icing? Chocolate cake, vanilla, red velvet, funfetti? Sprinkles or no sprinkles? Toppings?