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  1. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Another STP episode-Squid Wood, not much to say about this one other then I found it watchable, the dancing sequence was nicely animated and Squidward going berserk was good for a laugh, there are some unanswered questions regarding Mini-Squid(did he come to life after Spongebob stopped...
  2. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Now for a Patrick episode-Rule of Dumb, this episode reminded me a lot of the Recess episode "King Gus" in that it has a similar "unpopular guy suddenly gets into a position power" storyline and it's a of storyline i've always been fond of. Patrick is definitely a bit over-the-top in terms of...
  3. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Time for another STP episode I like-The Thing, Squid goes through so much hardship it's almost comical in how over-the-top it is and I dug the ending for how random it was, also I must say I really dug that piece of jazz music that was played in this episode, very pleasant and relaxing sounding.
  4. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Time for another one- That's No Lady. For whatever reason i've always had a thing for crossdresser related plots in films and TV shows(White Chicks is one of my favorite comedies) and this episode is no exception, I can understand how some would find it weird and awkward but I thought it was...
  5. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Once Bitten-I'm a sucker for episodes where everyone in Bikini Bottom erupts into mass hysteria and this one is certainly entertaining in that regard. Some criticize it for people believing Patrick, but considering everyone blindly followed his "plan" in Sandy, Spongebob and the Worm I didn't...
  6. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    New Leaf: Interesting to see Plankton and Krabs act friendly towards one another and it's one of the more interesting schemes Plankton pulled.
  7. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Now for another one- All That Glitters. Personally I like the idea of inanimate objects being sentient, and it makes about as much sense as anything else in the show so it's easy for me to not dwell on the logic behind it. Even having grown up I still think the episode holds up pretty well...
  8. 237. Goons on the Moon

    It's still possible this episode was a rewrite of that one.
  9. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Been a little while since i've updated this topic, apologies for that, Stephen's sudden passing kinda put me in a downer mood for a bit, but i'm past it now and i'm ready to resume watching this show. So for today's underrated PM episode we have Whale of a Birthday, it's another Pearl episode...
  10. 237. Goons on the Moon

    There was a cancelled episode called Spacebob Invaderpants, I think it was going to be paired with another episode called Krabs Army, I have a theory this a re-worked version of that cancelled episode, so that might explain that.
  11. Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    Given how Nick kept it going after he initially left in 2004, I certainly do not see them cancelling it. But yeah this is really sad news, Stephen was one of the first people I ever looked up to as a kid. I knew the ALS diagnosis wasn't great, but I still figured he could hang for at least a...
  12. 237. Goons on the Moon

    That turned out pretty good, i'm a fan of Lewis Black so I enjoyed him as Santa. New character Squidina was alright, wouldn't mind seeing more of her as it's nice to see Pearl have someone else to interact with. Spongebob destroying the moon by accident and having to replace it was a funny...
  13. 242a. FarmerBob

    Pretty good episode, as someone who actually does live on a farm(though i'm not a farmer per se) I found the jokes quite amusing. Ending was a tad abrupt though.
  14. 241b. The String

    Interesting, it's been a while since we've had a shorter Reef Blower-style episode(i'm one of those people that actually liked the three-episodes format in season 5) It is kind of weird that Squidward normally does not wear pants anyways yet feels the need to cover himself after losing his shirt...
  15. 241a. Squirrel Jelly

    This episode was nuts and I mean that in a good way, it went all over the place and it was interesting that it was longer then the normal 11 minute run-time. There were some elements of Jellyfish Hunter and Pre-Hibernation Week here.
  16. 236b. Surf n' Turf

    Pretty good episode overall, interesting to see Mr Krabs and Sandy interacting with one another.
  17. 240b. Girls' Night Out

    Seemed in character to me.
  18. 240b. Girls' Night Out

    I thought this was a pretty good episode, it's always interesting to see characters paired up who don't normally interact with one another.
  19. 238b. Karen's Virus

    Another visually impressive episode, this season has seen quite a few of those(i'm sure Goons on the Moon also won't dissapoint in that department) I liked Karen's version of Plankton and Spongebob way of defeating the virus(though I am surprised Plankton didn't try to take the patty at the end).
  20. Adam Paloian shows us that Spongebob actually still uses paper for its animation

    That's good to know, I feel like the move from celluloid to CGI has made a lot of modern 2-D shows feel kind of artificial and lacking in personality compared to a lot of shows from the 90s and 2000s. I remember the creator of Mission Hill said that even if his show was brought back, there...