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    New information about old episode airdates (did we get Season 2 WRONG?)

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    Sponge On The Run Superbowl clip

    Is SpongeBob Snoop's nephew?
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    Just One Bite - Original Version New HD Recording

    Hmm, the link does say that, but the photos in the post show up still. Are you able to download it from the post?
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    Just One Bite - Original Version New HD Recording

    Looks like the link is back up!
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    Dunes - Alabama Shakes
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    Scientist Breaks Down Chemistry in Iconic Cartoons
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    When The Show Turned Bad

    Common topic, here's ScreenRant's take on it:
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    Hmm, wonder how I’m going to figure this out

    What the heck was the answer?
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    New theory about Squidward (and the show itself!)

    I like this. But I always pictured him as more of the grinch.
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    Everyday - Diane Coffee
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    Ghostbusters 2020

    I'd watch Paul Rudd read the alphabet... this might be good.
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    A Myers-Briggs personality analysis of most of the main SpongeBob cast.

    This is pretty cool... would love to see it turned into some sort of thesis in school.
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    SpongeBob SquarePants Is A God?
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    Did you guys enjoy the TV adaptation of the Broadway musical?

    I recorded it - will have to watch this month. In the meantime... internet does its thing:
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    Reddit uncovered a thread from 1999 about people basically just saying Spongebob is trash.

    Seems like this happens all the time. Tons of movies with the highest consensus grade now were trashed when they originally were released. Some things just have to wait for everyone to catch up.
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    891. Patchy's Playlist

    A Stove Is A Stove... where you at?
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    Best Spongebob books?

    Absorbing SpongeBob: Ten Ways to Squeeze More Happiness Out of Life
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    Bikini Bottom Mysteries: Frank

    I know I'm late... but these are awesome.
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    Hey all you people, I'm new and thought I would ask a question

    He wouldn't like it and still sell Chum.
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    University of Washington Slams Spongebob as Racist