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  1. Wassup

    I'm back, and I'll try to stay active for a while. :spongebob:
  2. Console Central

    This is my new board. It's not very active so I need members. It's a place to talk about video games and stuff. There's also forums for TV, Movies, Music, Computers & Internet, and more so if you don't like video games you'll still have fun. There's a recruitment contest with awesome prizes...
  3. Lil' Bob v2

    I don't brag much, but I hafta admit I can draw really good. Probably as good as angelenes~dreams, if not better. But the thing is, I don't have a scanner. And my computer drawing skills suck. And I don't have Photoshop. So I drew this on Paint, and it's the second version. You might think it's...
  4. Guess who's back

    Spammy's back! Yeah, hey everyone sorry I haven't been here for a LONG time. I'll try to be more active.
  5. New sig

    A couple of changes. Like it?
  6. Another new sig

    Hope it's not too big...
  7. New sig

    Another awesome banner made by Andrew! (PatrickStarr2k3) And also the sig's a lot shorter.
  8. New sig

    I got banners!
  9. What Time is it?

    On your clock. Yeah. 3:21 PM
  10. Fav Nintendo Console

    Mine's GameCube.
  11. Nintendo GameCube

    The Nintendo GameCube system is loaded with innovative features. From its fast loading, high capacity optical disk to its four controller ports, Nintendo GameCube was made to provide people with the most entertaining gaming experience possible. One look at the Nintendo GameCube hardware and you...
  12. Hey

    Hey everyone I'm new here. You can call me SS4 or Sammy B)