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  1. Hazmart

    SpongeBob Teaches Patrick How to Ride a Bike Safely

    I don't know if we have already a topic of this, but just in case...
  2. Hazmart

    Season 11 Episode Confirmed "Man Ray Returns"

    Kaz confirmed it in a Facebook post. I'm very excited about Man Ray returning! And you?
  3. Hazmart

    How should have been "Face Freeze"

    I know there are episodes with funnier faces, but in this scene the objetive is basically the same as "Face Freeze" And ironically is in the same season.
  4. Hazmart

    How to draw Spongebob by Dave Cunningham Not a fan tutorial, it's a official crew member tutorial. Interesting...
  5. Hazmart

    Diggs Tailwagger A animated CN pilot created and directed by Derek Drymon in 2007. Storyboarded by Kaz. Written by Merriwether Williams, Derek Drymon and Kaz. Additional writing by Paul Tibbit, Kent Osborne and Stephen Hillenburg. A masterpiece! Unfortunately the series didn't go.
  6. Hazmart

    Someone who can record audio from his TV?

    Well, I'm just looking for someone who can help me to get the new spongebob episodes in spanish, I noticed of they are already dubbed, but Nick LA takes a eternity to air them. And I 've heard that with SAP can be heard in other languages. So what say guys? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hazmart

    Possible animatic / alternate ending of "The splinter" Well, I found this on the internet, but i'm not sure if this is real. Anyway this could have been a better ending for the episode. Also this is my first topic. :sbsmiles: