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  1. SquiddlyPie

    What does your writing style look like?

    Post images of your hand writing style or writing style in general. Here's mine of last year (March 2016 specifically) : Here's how it looks this year : And here's how my Greek handwriting looks like if you are curious :
  2. SquiddlyPie

    What's your favorite type of movies?

    Mine is comedy or adventurous...and I'm making that topic because today I'll go to the cinema with my friends and we'll watch a horror movie, and if you know me, you know that I hate horror movies, so it's going to be pretty interesting :P
  3. SquiddlyPie

    A Friend's Characteristics..

    So, I am struggling with my friends this year as some of you might have noticed from my status updates..Last Thursday was really tough for me....I experienced IGNORANCE from my own friends...I don't really want to give any further information about what happened last week, exactly same day..BUT...
  4. SquiddlyPie

    Whenever you see this topic, comment today's date and time.

    So it's pretty simple, just whenever you see this topic comment down bellow the date and time (your local time) .. :P Mine : January 28, 2017 12:36PM
  5. SquiddlyPie

    Episodes that you thought they were going to be good but they turned out horrible

    I don't really remember if we have a topic like this and if we do I am sorry . In this post just say episode(s) that you thought by their plot, trailer, title etc that they were going to be good or even great but they sucked , or you just found them meh or average .. For me : SpongeBob...
  6. SquiddlyPie

    Finally Greece airs the new episodes .. :P :D

    I make this post just to say to everyone that Greece finally airs the new episodes...On December 23, 2016 ''Mall Girl Pearl / Two Thumbs Down'' aired...then on December 26, 2016 ''Sharks VS.Pods / CopyBob DittoPants'' aired, on December 28, 2016 ''Sandy's Nutmare / Bulletin Board'' aired , on...
  7. SquiddlyPie

    Does your dog/cat like to bath ?

    So don't answer "I don't have a cat/dog" because this is only for dog or cat owners :) Well , I have one female dog called "Yuyi" and she really doesn't like baths ! I wish she did though .. I was the one giving her a bath today and I am broken right now .. It's so painful giving her a bath...
  8. SquiddlyPie

    What's your actual name?

    Since some of us here have nicknames (most of us) , I'd like to ask that question in order to meet better and if this topic already exists then I am sorry but I haven't seen anything similar..Anyways, my actual name is George ;) What is your name? :)
  9. SquiddlyPie

    Have you ever fainted before?

    I don't really know if this is the actual word, but I hope it is. My answer : Yes ! 3 times....the two were on June 6, 2015 the day I gave oral exams on ECCE....I came back home and I walked to the kitchen (my sister was only here but was checking her phone) and fainted to the floor but got up...
  10. SquiddlyPie

    202b. Snail Mail

    This episode is also confirmed, there are some images revealed to be from the episode but the original date of airing is yet unknown but it is going to be somewhere in August 2016, discuss the episode here when it airs.
  11. SquiddlyPie

    201b. Bulletin Board

    201b This episode is confirmed and it is scheduled to air on Friday, August 12th 2016...discuss the episode here when it airs in some days, I think it's going to be another good one for season 9
  12. SquiddlyPie

    What day was it , when you signed up?

    So I checked the calendar for July 10th 2014 (the day I joined SBM) and for me it was a Thursday :) what day was yours? :)
  13. SquiddlyPie

    2 year anniversary :D

    So today, Sunday 10th July 2016, is my 2 year anniversary here on SBMania! :D To some of you when you visit my profil it probably says July 9 , but actually when I signed up to be a member to SBMania it was 1AM here in Greece so it was technically Thursday 10 July,2014 and that's what it says on...
  14. SquiddlyPie

    It is so ANNOYING D: , if you want read...

    I am talking about people that don't respect other people's opinions! I made a comment in a random Season title card video , rating the seasons with MY OWN OPINION, and someone was like ''Season 5 has that rating? WOW...'' and I said to him/her whatever gender he/she was , I said that ''Hmm...
  15. SquiddlyPie

    With which soundtrack are you currently obsessed ?

    So I am currently obsessed with Hangin' Ten which is the title card of Sun Bleached !! I love it :D , so tell me, if ofcourse you are obsessed with any of the soundtracks, which one are you obsessed with / or like to listen a lot :D
  16. SquiddlyPie

    What's the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you?

    So for me, I was on 8th grade back then on 2013-2014 (it was Thursday 10th October 2013 specifically) and I stepped into dog poop without realizing it :/ and then I went into my class (the class was full with dog poop :P ) and then I realized it and I was like ''Please let it be a dream'' and I...
  17. SquiddlyPie

    Do you have acne ?

    So, for me the answer is a BIG yes....My whole face is red...I am having a really big problem with pimples :/ And I also wear glasses .At least I don't have braces and I never had :P So tell me , do you have acne? Do you have a HUGE acne or just some pimples? I have a huge acne (I even have acne...
  18. SquiddlyPie

    199a. Sold!

    199a This episode is airing on Friday, May 6th 2016 , the plot seems really good in my opinion, what's your opinion, do you think it's going to be as good as some other new ones :) ?
  19. SquiddlyPie

    Weather :D

    So tell me , how's the weather like today in your city....For me, today it's Thursday 28th of April 2016 (It's Holy Thursday for us here in Greece) and it's SUNNY :) , last rainy day was on Sunday 10th of April :P we have sun all the April around apart from 10th April :P Don't even ask about...
  20. SquiddlyPie

    Lost in Bikini Bottom Drawing

    Hi so today I watched the 2 episodes and I really liked them so I decided to draw something because it's summer and I have a lot of free time. I just wanted to share this drawing with you because as you know Squiddy is my favourite :P :D <3...