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  1. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Yeah i've been posting more often again

    I've usually come on here irregularly because of several reasons. I just didn't have as much time for this site and I had gotten busy with a lot of real life stuff, but I'm gonna try to hang around more often again. I just felt like putting this up because I used to be a much bigger regular than...
  2. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Different direction SpongeBob and Stephen Hillenburg's Company Might have Gone in

    It's been forever since my last post here, but I just had to really get this out of my mind cause I've been watching old Hanna-Barbera cartoons lately again, and one of the big things I noticed was how in some of the most successful shows that they did, those would get canned after a season or...
  3. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    If the Show was Animated Entirely in North America....

    Like shows like Star vs the Forces of Evil or Wander Over Yonder, how would you feel about it? Currently the show outsources its animation to Korea. Do you think the show could be more experimental with the animation if they got a studio like Mercury Filmworks to do the animation. Maybe it might...
  4. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Popeye's Music Month (Special Thanks to Ling Ling)

    Alright so I really liked Ling Ling's Music Month idea and thought it'd be cool to do my own and also in the hopes that I discover music that I like that I might have not been aware of before from different time periods and stuff. I'll be using the same 1-5 scale that was used in the other...
  5. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Popeye Revisits Season 4 and More!

    Talking with BabySmitty in her status update gave me an idea given how opinions on certain things can change overtime as we age and watch things more and more. I really want to go back and watch every Season 4 episode and give a fresh, in depth take on how I feel about each of them as a whole...
  6. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Ukinojoe's "We Gotta Bring SpongeBob Back"

    Hilarious. Just watch. Warning: There's some blood in this. Also he did a Simpsons Family Guy one a few months ago.
  7. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    SpongeBob's Legacy and How It Will Be Remembered in 70 Years

    I was thinking about this in the shower today and I was thinking about the lasting, enduring appeal of characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Popeye (of course I had to mention my all time favorite cartoon character here, sorry) and so many others from several generations ago and since...
  8. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Former voice actress Christine Cavanaugh (voice of Chuckie from Rugrats) dies at age 51

    Wow. I can't believe it and what a relatively young age too.
  9. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Popeye Reviews The Members

    I've never done of these before but come on down folks.
  10. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Guilty Pleasure Scenes and Moments in SpongeBob

    I know there's already a Guilty Pleasures topic concerning whole episodes but I think there should also be one of these threads for guilty pleasure scenes in general from the show, even in episodes that you don't like at all. For one thing, I kinda thought the Krabby Patty Nothing scene in "A...
  11. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Faster Paced, Shorter SpongeBob Episodes

    Do you think it might help the show if some of the episodes were just seven minutes long, BUT if they were also much faster paced to cut down on any possible filler?
  12. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Popeye Draws

    Self explanatory. I'll draw whatever crap pops into my head and post it here when I feel like it. When I'm not so busy, I might post some stuff here from now on rather than making different topics. I still wanna do Prez's idea of Squidward owning Bugs Bunny.
  13. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    SpongeBob Episodes Possibly Airing in 2015-2016

    Saw a thread over at SBC about this but thought it would be relevant to post here too. Special thanks to...
  14. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Do You Think Squilvia is Canon to the Show?

    And also Spot from "Plankton's Pet." I think there's quite a lot of potential for interesting, fresh storylines had they kept Squilvia as a recurring character. Snellie was also a one time character that was never brought up again in any other episode besides "The Great Snail Race" so I'm hoping...
  15. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Who is Your Favorite One Shot Character On The Show?

    It can be any as long as they really haven't had many other appearances on the show. Kevin, Jack M. Crazyfish, that guy at the counter making raspberries in Rock Bottom, Madame Hagfish, etc. Note, these aren't mine but just examples that people can use.
  16. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    If Squidward Was An Excessive Jerk......

    in the post-movie era all the time and there weren't series so-called Squid abuse/torture/whatever you wanna call it episodes and instead lots of episodes where he's acting like that and not really having many funny lines to say, would you prefer those to seeing Squiddy get hurt all the time...
  17. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Robertryan Cory Setting the Record Straight

    Wonder if anyone has seen this yet but I think this is quite an enlightening post here. Also for a long time, I thought Ryan was his middle name when it's really all of his first name. I think the second to last paragraph just really spoke to me and really shows how much easier it is for shows...
  18. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    What if SpongeBob's Animation Was More Stylized and Backgrounds Changed More?

    I think the closest thing I've seen to more stylized, graphic poses used on the show would either have to be that Craig Kellman UPA esque sequence in "Truth or Square" and some of the episodes Chris Reccardi freelanced on but this is something I've been thinking about for quite a while now...
  19. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    The Nostalgia Critic and JonTron Discussion Thread

    Dunno if there's one for either of them on here but oh well, why not? Talk about what they're going to be doing, what videos and reviews they have made, and stuff they've done in the past.
  20. Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

    Rant on Rants

    Every rant ever made can be summed up to this at the end. Doesn't that sound delicious to any of you? I'll even throw in some Spam in there. Mhmmmmm.....