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  1. Pinned thread Post Your Picture

    Here's a slightly better photo of me. Still very grainy looking though but oh well.
  2. Spongebob Squarepants Everything

    This might be my new favorite out of all the FCCD SpongeBob videos, definitely worth the wait.
  3. Nick cancels "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" and "School of Rock"

    Awesome, the less crummy shows we have on Nick, the better.
  4. Can you Record T.V. Episodes of a Show Through Device?

    Yes Bandicam will work for that, i've tried it out myself.
  5. Can you Record T.V. Episodes of a Show Through Device?

    Easy, just get a capture card or an HD PVR.
  6. Caillou Theme Song GoAnimate Parody

    >goanimate No.
  7. Christmas is Coming

    Jeez, it's not even thanksgiving yet and we've already started celebrating christmas?
  8. Boycotting SBmania

    Please tell me this is a joke, because that is pretty dumb to "boycott" the site all because of your creepy fascination with muscles.
  9. Charter Spectrum Might Bet Rid Of Nickeldeon And More Channels

    For once i'm actually glad I have Xfinity. I just feel bad for all the friends of mine who have Spectrum and won't be able to watch Viacom channels anymore. Incredibly stupid decision if you ask me.
  10. genius

    someone please explain to me how Mr. Krabs from Sponge Out of Water is a meme, i've seen it literally nowhere.
  11. nickelodeon puts spongebob in a episode of the loud house

    >Mistaking Welcome to the Wayne for The Loud House You can't be serious
  12. Pinned thread Post Your Picture

    Here's me irl. Apologies for how bad this photo is, my webcam sucks and my tablet isn't working right now so i have pretty much nothing else to take photos with.
  13. Who is Best Pony?

    All of them are terrible
  14. hi I'm new

    >claims to be new >has over 100 posts Makes sense.
  15. New Song Released From the Spongebob Musical!

    Man I haven't seen you active here in a long time
  16. How spongey are you?

    I got 22 points, don't feel like multiplying at the moment
  17. Abraham and Isaac

    Uhhh what?