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  1. nobody

    Describe the Opposite of the Picture

    Well, here goes my first game topic. Essentially, you describe the opposite of what's in the photo posted above you and after that, you present another picture for another user to describe. Here's an example: User A: (a picture of a krabby patty) User B: A bucket of chum. (an image of 2 dogs...
  2. nobody

    Overrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Seasons 1-3 may be home to a lot of overrated episodes in my opinion, but so does Seasons 4-9a mostly because of their balance. Which post-movie episodes do you think are overrated or not as good as people think it is? For me, I would say Krusty Towers, Not Normal, Sand Castles in the Sand...
  3. nobody

    Greetings from nobody

    Hello everyone. I'm nobody and after two years watching this site, I feel confident enough to gain greets from the public. I first joined here 15 months ago and I left this account dormant for some strange reason. For a few months, I've been trying to figure out my password but ended up having...