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  1. hippythehippo

    234b. Chefbob

    234b Bubble Bass is thicc 10/10 ep
  2. hippythehippo

    234a. Patnocchio

    Goofy Goobers returns!!!
  3. hippythehippo

    233b. Krusty Kleaners

    More eps.
  4. hippythehippo

    233a. Whale Watching

    Discuss the episode here!!
  5. hippythehippo

    Favorite to least favorite seasons

    I know I am original. Season 6>all (also this question is on SBC)
  6. hippythehippo

    Why do you guys think Season 4 is a good Season/ do you think it's classic?

    Yo boy is back, and he is ready to piss some people off. The site is pretty slow today anyway, so why not. There's one Season that I seem to be the minority in not liking, and that Season is Season 4. However, I never could what was wrong with it until recently. I never lumped it with the...
  7. hippythehippo

    9b from worst to best

    To pass the time waiting for Nick to air more Season 11, I will do a countdown of the 29 episodes of 9b, ranked from worst to best, and why I think it that way. Pretty self explanatory thread, but I hope it will be a fun ride. Not much else to say.
  8. hippythehippo

    Happy 10th Birthday to the Splinter

    The greatest episode of Spongebob just turned 10 years old today. What a milestone of an episode. The use of gross out is just so....perfect. The only way to describe this episode is pure perfection. Truly a innovative and outstanding episode of...
  9. hippythehippo

    How does Season 11 compare with 9b and 10 right now?

    How do you think Season 11 stacks with the rest of post sequel right now? Is it as good as Pokemon X and Y, or as bland and unoriginal as ORAS? Btw by pepe Krabs, I mean the face he makes in Creature Feature. Personally, Season 11 sucks compared to dPongebob
  10. hippythehippo

    My 100th post extravaganza

    We have to make this as awesome as SammytheClassicSonicFan Lets listen to a clip of our hero
  11. hippythehippo

    237. Goons on the Moon

    Goons on the Moon Sandy takes her "Science Scout" troop on a trip to the moon. In space, no one can hear you NYAH-NYAH-NYAH-NYAH! Godly description.
  12. hippythehippo

    Avengers Infinity War Discussion (Spoilers Spoilers SPOILERS)

    Well here you guys go. Post your thoughts on the movie. (I thought the movie was okay)
  13. hippythehippo

    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Hello all, hippythehippo, your least favorite sbm member :sbgrin: back again with an ambitious project. I want to get to know some of you guys better since I am new to the site, and since season 11 has such a divided response, why not do a review on every season 11 episode. My format is similar...
  14. hippythehippo

    Is bunny squidward the godliest thing ever

    If anyone can convince me, I'll change my profile and become a bunny
  15. hippythehippo

    Hi, I'm hippythehippo

    Hi everyone, I'm hippythehippo. I am a fan of Spongebob, and hope to make some friends here. My favorite episode is Pizza Delivery. Also huge thanks to President Squidward for helping me through some issues on the site. You rock man.