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  1. ataeaf

    11-minute episodes that you think are 22-minute episodes

    Self-explanatory. I used to think Squid Noir was a 22-minute episode before it aired. I kind of subconsciously think To SquarePants... is a 22-minute episode; it seems weird when I remember it’s an 11-min episode and paired with Squid’s Visit.
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    Episode or Episode: Simpsons vs. SpongeBob

    Same as the Episode or Episode game. Lisa’s First Word or Friend or Foe
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    What reception would the show have if it started with Season 4 (and certain introductory eps)

    I’ve asked this question before, and a lot of people noted that by leaving out the pre-movie seasons, a lot of important introductory eps are left out. So, how would the show be received today if the show had just these eps: Help Wanted (introduces many things, including the Krusty Krab and...
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    How will the 20th anniversary be celebrated

    Since the third movie is coming out on 2020 instead of the show’s 20th anniversary, how do you think the show will celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary? As much I want a second crack at Truth or Square, I voted for the promo shorts as that seems the most realistic to me.
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    Wild Thornberries Nickel-O-Zone Promo Song A promo featuring a song about The Wild Thornberries (there is also a Rocket Power promo too).
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    Cartoon Network (including Cartoon Cartoons and pre-2010 CN originals) Specials LEGALLY available on Cartoon Network released many of their old specials on their app! If have cable and the Cartoon Network app or On Demand and you want to legally watch (not just illegally stream) classic...
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    What is this Cartoon Network song from? This is a 25th anniversary Cartoon Network fan tribute. What bumper/block/show is this from? (Ignore the brief Sunday Pants thing.) Here is the full video, which is certainly worth watching:
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    The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002) on Cartoon Network website CN put up the full Powerpuff Girls Movie on their website.
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    That annoying moment when...

    You make a thread, but a reply post gets all the likes instead.
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    When did you first watch Ugh and The Sponge Who Could Fly?

    I first saw Ugh as it aired, if I recall correctly. One of the few pre-movie eps I distinctly recall seeing as it aired. I also remember SpongeBob Meets the Strangler/Pranks a Lot. The Sponge Who Could Fly I definitely remember seeing it on VHS first, may or may not have been before it aired on TV.
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    Should there be an Every Simpsons Ever-type marathon

    Remember the two Every Simpsons Ever marathons, the first one way back in 2015, and the second one on Thanksgiving last year? Why doesn’t Nickelodeon do a marathon with SpongeBob, most likely for the 20th anniversary in 2019 (which is also the year the third movie comes out)? Would anyone be...
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    Wheel of SpongeBob Season 9 Episodes
  13. ataeaf

    Wheel of SpongeBob Season 2 Episodes
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    What episodes (if any) aired on your birthday?

    The only episode to air on my birthday was SquidBob TentaclePants.
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    Who owns the SpongeBob songs in Rock Band?

    I have both of the packs with songs from SpongeBob. One of them has everyone’s favorite song: the song from To Love a Patty! :sbgrin:
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    It finally happened.

    Now that the first full half-hour episode of Season 10 has aired, Season 10 now has its own artwork. And it looks amazing! (Also nice of them to make it a Season Pass this time :P)
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    What if the Show Premiered with Season 4?

    I’ve wondered how the show the show would have fared if the show had begun with what is currently Season 4. Here’s what I think would happen: The show would be gone after its second season (currently Season 5) like several forgettable Nicktoons from the mid-aughts, since it no longer has the...
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    Don’t you hate it when you make a stupid post and a disapproving or snappy reply...

    ...becomes a Popular post. I know. I hate that feeling.
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    Most Disgusting Scene in the Show?

    Self-explanatory. I would have to say the wonderful shot of Sandy eating a Krabby Patty in Someone’s in the Kitchen with Sandy. I’m pretty sure I know just what certain scene almost everyone else is going to say, though :hehe: .
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    Episode in a Different Season (revived)

    It’s been so long ago since I made the old thread. Pick an episode from any season and pitch it as part of a different season. The next person will make a synopsis of how this episode would have gone down. Anyway, Wet Painters in Season 1.