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    I knew this would end in clickbait.
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    Krabs al la mode

    Krabs a la Mode is one of the better episodes of Season 5 to me, but I wouldn't go so far to call it one of Mr. Krabs' funniest. Some of the jokes are just decent and I can see how the running gag of him being stubborn about the thermostat could grow annoying to some.
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    SpongeBob's fate at the end of Hooky?!

    I'm a boy, did not think it went too far, found it kind of funny, do not think it could've happened to a girl character, and I admittedly would've reacted a little differently. I believe a girl character would've needed a more...age-appropriate punishment that wouldn't send any mixed messages...
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    SpongeBob May Be Coming to Netflix

    I don't really care for Netflix, but I wouldn't mind Spongebob on there with some of the other trash they put on that service.
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    So I watched Mega Babies...

    I mostly agreed with Enter's take on Mega Babies, even if I too felt the show was really more on the mediocre/ordinary bad side. Ren Seeks Help, the following review, despite also being ordinary bad, is definitely the one where he was overreacting.
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    Nickelodeon Reality shows are Nickelodeon's new direction

    Though I also like them broadening the scope beyond "the Spongebob channel", I don't like the idea of them becoming Disney Channel 2.0. Live-action programming definitely works better for them though than Cartoon Network.
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    Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    So awful. I wish for him, his daughter, and all of the victims to rest in peace.
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    List of Things I Noticed Are Different Between Old And New Seasons

    Surprised I'm the first to say this one, less facial expression comedy or in some cases, "comedy", in the early episodes.
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    Why does Viacom keep deleting and blocking SpongeBob videos?

    Viacom has been like this forever. Long before all the copyright claim nonsense on Youtube, they struck down everything they could left and right. They've always been this way and are never going to change.
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    Cartoon Network ThunderCats Roar

    The trailers just made it look like Thundercats: Teen Titans Go! Edition, so I was never interested.
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    Nickelodeon It's Pony

    "outrageous talking pony named Pony" Count me in on feeling that this show's premise is painfully unoriginal. It could end up being surprisingly good, but you get the idea.
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    FOX preparing for a future without The Simpsons and Family Guy...and why Nickelodeon NEEDS to do the same with SpongeBob!

    Found an article that backs up what's being posted here. I have my skepticles on, but it's true, these shows do eventually have to end. Spongebob is not as popular as it used to be, so if Nick doesn't...
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    When The Show Turned Bad

    I'm not a fan of Screen Rant, I'm past the phase of taking trending topic clickbait commentary videos seriously. SB's decline was very gradual to me, a mixed bag of good and bad in Seasons 4 and 5, then a consistent slew of mediocrity and bad in Seasons 6 and 7.
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    There are more modern episodes than classic episodes

    It's an inevitability with most 'classic shows' that 'go on for too long'. The newer fans see no divide, they just see their favorite show.
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    It's Been Ten Years Since A Pal For Gary Aired

    It's still a bad episode, but I'm getting tired of people complaining about it. It's a typical episode from Season 7, sad to say.
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    Was Truth or Square that bad?

    It's just mediocre, trying too hard to cram too much into one special. There are some good jokes, but the plot is all over the place.
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin (Caleb Hyles cover)
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    New Year's Resolutions

    Just to keep getting on with my life.
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    New theory about Squidward (and the show itself!)

    I do like this, though ever since I was a kid, I've always kind of looked at Squidward and Spongebob as Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.