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  1. Rex

    My Top 12 Episodes of Spongebob(1 Per Season)

    I find that Krabs getting his just deserts in the end as a satisfying way to end, there is also some great gags involving Plankton and Larry, I also think Krabs isn't that bad here as once again he gets whats coming in a satisfying way and not wins somehow i.e Once Bitten (Sorta), Fungus Among...
  2. Rex

    My Top 12 Episodes of Spongebob(1 Per Season)

    Tbh I have not seen enough of Season 12 In that case here's my new opinions S4 Krusty Towers S8 Drive Thru Top 5 not including specials Season 4 5 Krabs VS Plankton 4 Best Frenemies 3 Patrick Smartpants 2 Fear Of A Krabby Patty 1 Krusty Towers With Specials 7 Krabs VS Plankton 6 Have You...
  3. Rex

    My Top 12 Episodes of Spongebob(1 Per Season)

    Season 1 Ripped Pants Season 2 Band Geeks Season 3 Chocolate With Nuts Season 4 Dunces And Dragons Season 5 Blackened Sponge Season 6 No Hat For Pat Season 7 The Abrasive Side Spongebob 8 It's A Season Christmas Season 9 Plankton's Pet Season 10 Mimic Madness Season 11 ChefBob Season
  4. Rex

    SpongeBob's fate at the end of Hooky?!

    I think it is actually very good, He wouldn't listen so Krabs had to get something that would and it taught him a lesson that he shall not soon forget. I'm a guy and I don't really mind, I won't lie I find it funny. I suppose since Feral Friends showed a female naked I think they could of wrote...
  5. Rex

    My Bottom 55 Worst Spongebob Episodes S1-11

    more indifferent to that really see my review
  6. Rex

    My Bottom 55 Worst Spongebob Episodes S1-11

    Review Time Fools In April: The episode begins with Spongebob pranking Gary by saying that they will become peasants causing Gary to start crying and Spongebob saying "April Fools". Soon he pranks himself by making many glasses of lemonade and then the episodes biggest issue starts, the...
  7. Rex

    SpongeBob May Be Coming to Netflix

    I'm fairly positive season 3 and 4 were on Netflix at some point in Ireland but I could be misremembering
  8. Rex

    Pinned thread Favorite Episode

    Best Per Season S1 Ripped Pants (Favorite Episode) S2 Band Geeks (Second Favorite) S3 Chocolate With Nuts (Third Favorite) S4 Dunces And Dragons (17th Favorite) S5 Blackened Sponge (31st Favorite) S6 Not Normal Probably Top 70 S7 The Abrasive Side Probably Top 70 S8 Its A Spongebob Christmas...
  9. Rex

    My Bottom 55 Worst Spongebob Episodes S1-11

    So I have been meaning to name my bottom 50 for a while. I like to focus on the best of this show however I decided I'll just get this over with. The reason it's 55 and not say 20 these episodes are the ones I really dislike watching, I was also planning on doing a bottom 100 but is there even...
  10. Rex

    Custom DVD

    Similar to Patrick Sqaurepants?
  11. Rex

    Most forgettable episode from each season

    Season 1 Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost Mediocre 6/10 Season 2 JBubble Buddy Mediocre 6/10 Season 3 Honestly I couldn't really pick because even the bad episodes are memorable Season 4 Chimps Ahoy Bad 4/10 Season 5 Probably Good Ol Whatshisname but also Blackjack is a close contender Spongebob...
  12. Rex

    57a. Krabby Land

    Here it is my least favorite pre movie episode. Mr Krabs in this episode is just way too cheap. The scene where he says "I don't care about the children" I just want to shut the episode off, Spongebob is just annoying in this episode and why is he hurting himself for the kids entertainment? And...
  13. Rex

    55a. The Great Snail Race

    Another season 3 stinker IMO, I can see Spongebob as a lot of things but as a cruel pet owner, Nah, I also really don't like the scene with Larry its just a really dragged out pointless scene, and of course the Gary scene which I consider the worst moment of Pre Movie. However I do like the...
  14. Rex

    59. The Sponge Who Could Fly

    Underrated Classsic 9/10
  15. Rex

    Custom DVD

    I am aware that there already exists a thread for this but I noticed it's locked so I thought I would step in. Adventures Down The Deep End #1 Welcome To The Chum Bucket #2 Patty Hype #3 Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy IV #4 I Had An Accident #5 Reef Blower #6 No Free Rides #7 Hooky #8 Your Shoes...
  16. Rex

    Pre Movie Ranked And Season 4 Ranked

    Interesting choices I assume season 1 is your least favourite pre movie season by the looks
  17. Rex

    09a. Nature Pants

    Hot TakeI personally love this episode top 75 IMO. It's one of the best looking season 1 episodes and I also like episodes that have a more interesting story and it shows up in that aspect, in my season 1 = 3 ranking I put it #79 but I now moved it up to #61. Patrick makes the episode and it's...
  18. Rex

    Pre Movie Ranked And Season 4 Ranked

    Also Btw I use 5 ratings in case your wondering Amazing 9- 10/10 Great 8 - 8.5/10 Good 7 - 7.5/10 Mediocre 5 -6.5/10 Bad 2 -4/10
  19. Rex

    Pre Movie Ranked And Season 4 Ranked

    Pre Movie #117 57a Krabby Land Bad 3/10 #116 19a Fools In April Bad 3/10 #115 55a The Great Snail Race Bad 4/10 #114 26a Grandma’s Kisses Bad 4/10 #113 49b Rock A Bye Bivalve Bad 4/10 #112 13b I Was A Teenage Gary Bad 4/10 #111 39a Jellyfish Hunter Mediocre 5/10 #110 56a Born Again Krabs...
  20. Rex

    What episode got you into the show?

    Home Sweet Pineapple my parents got me the DVD and that was obviously the first episode and I fell in love with the show and that gives me a bias with that episode, also the karate island DVD I got that shortly after