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  1. pgh214

    Help refresh my memory

    Im usually an expert at knowing a little moment of spongebob and identifying the episode, but I cant remember this one (and it was a really good episode IIRC). The only blurb i remember is mr krabs telling spongebob something exciting and it cuts to a doctor electrically zapping spongebob...
  2. pgh214

    Fun Trivia ~ Followed by opinion (One on One Episodes)

    Its more and more rare in more recent seasons to feature only Spongebob and ONE other main character (minors don't count). Spongebob has shared the spotlight with some characters (exclusively) more than others. A few examples: Only Features Spongebob and Patrick: I'm Your Biggest Fanatic,MM&BB...
  3. pgh214

    The Spongebob Fish

    After watching a lot of the older episodes for the millionth time, I started to pay more attention to the background fish to mix things up. What are some of your favorite background fish? There's so many designs of them, lol. Try to avoid the cliche answers (Blue fish in Something smells, brown...
  4. pgh214

    Best Episodes by character

    It's probably been done before, but I'm kinda new, so it would be fun to discuss top 3-5 episodes of every character in your opinion. For me, Spongebob centered: 1. Something Smells 2. Fry Cook Games 3. Procrastination Patrick Centered: 1. Big Pink Loser 2. Driven to Tears 3. Pat no Pay...
  5. pgh214

    3 episode segment pairings

    What did you guys think of Season 5's 7 minute episode, 4 minute episode, and 11 minute episode? I really liked them for some reason and I wanna know how they came up with it and why they decided to abandon it. Idk, some of the short ones are just nice little storylines that don't need...