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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    Rest in Peace, the Legend who made Spongebob. :(
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    Pinned thread Post Random Pictures

    The new Story mode for Smash Ultimate look great !
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    I suggest to check this masterpiece :
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    New Wonderful Sponge details- CGi origin story at camp?

    "For the first time ever, we’re going to the get to the origin of how little Spongebob met the rest of the Bikini Bottom gang at summer camp,” Soria said during her talk. “The film’s opening will take place at Camp Coral when all of our favorite characters meet for the first time.” I’m really...
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    Post Random Videos
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    Spongebob Underpants Slam is back !

    The game was relisted on the Xbox marketplace. I guess it’s linked to THQ Nordic trying to revive old Nickelodeon games.
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    Post Random Videos
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    Surprised there was never a crossover with Fairly Oddparents

    I remember hearing here that a Spongebob/FOP crossover was considered at some point before being shortly cancelled. Anyway, i find that a Spongebob/FOP crossover would be very interesting since i like both series.
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    58b. Plankton's Army

    A great episode, it’s was very funny and it’s one of my favorite episode featuring Plankton. 9/10
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    083c. Fungus Among Us

    It’s not a bad episode but i find it bland and unfunny. 4/10
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    Pinned thread Number Game

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    Pinned thread The Date Game

    December 3, 10
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    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Good Patrick The Game
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    161a. Mooncation

    My favorite Runaway Roadtrip episode, it’s was funny and the plot was great. 9/10
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    169b. Planet of the Jellyfish

    I find this episode mostly medicore, it’s was not very funny but the plot was interesting. 6/10
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    50b. Krusty Krab Training Video

    One of my favorite Season 3 episode, a great classic and very differents from the other Spongebob episodes. 10/10
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    Where's Your Profile Picture From?

    I update my picture, it’s Dan Backslide from The Dover Boys.
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    Comparison of SpongeBob Video Game Models Over the Years

    The image link is broken.
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    Comparison of SpongeBob Video Game Models Over the Years

    Maybe you should try to make a model comparaison in order of appearance to see the evolution of the models ? Anyway, great comparaison but you missed the model of Squidward from Battle for the Volcano Island (but, it’s the same as the Globs of Doom one so that’s not a problem). Obstacle Odyssey...