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  1. Rex

    My Bottom 55 Worst Spongebob Episodes S1-11

    So I have been meaning to name my bottom 50 for a while. I like to focus on the best of this show however I decided I'll just get this over with. The reason it's 55 and not say 20 these episodes are the ones I really dislike watching, I was also planning on doing a bottom 100 but is there even...
  2. Rex

    Custom DVD

    I am aware that there already exists a thread for this but I noticed it's locked so I thought I would step in. Adventures Down The Deep End #1 Welcome To The Chum Bucket #2 Patty Hype #3 Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy IV #4 I Had An Accident #5 Reef Blower #6 No Free Rides #7 Hooky #8 Your Shoes...
  3. Rex

    Pre Movie Ranked And Season 4 Ranked

    Pre Movie #117 57a Krabby Land Bad 3/10 #116 19a Fools In April Bad 3/10 #115 55a The Great Snail Race Bad 4/10 #114 26a Grandma’s Kisses Bad 4/10 #113 49b Rock A Bye Bivalve Bad 4/10 #112 13b I Was A Teenage Gary Bad 4/10 #111 39a Jellyfish Hunter Mediocre 5/10 #110 56a Born Again Krabs...
  4. Rex

    Top 20 best Spongebob Sqaurepants episodes

    Greetings fellow comrades, I recently joined Spongebuddy Mania and although I may be a bit late to the party I just had to make a top 20 list, so here I am I will be doing one episode a day for 20 so get comfy and listen to me talk some waffle *20 BEST Imitation Krabs (Image wont paste if...