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  1. MasiHosseini

    Marsh King

    Sup guys, Is "Marsh King", the brand marshmallows that SpongeBob and Patrick ate in "The Camping Episode", based on "Burger King"?
  2. MasiHosseini

    Break A Leg

    The best scene from "ChefBob", which was a pretty good episode.
  3. MasiHosseini

    Kelp Shake I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it...
  4. MasiHosseini

    Thank you, daddy!

    The only passable scene from Stink Lemonade!
  5. MasiHosseini

    What I noticed in ''Spin the Bottle''

    Gary was just watching the ''sports channel.''
  6. MasiHosseini

    Squidward's baldness

    Sup! Was Squidward always bald? Did he have hair before? If the answer is yes, how did he lose his hair? Squid pattern baldness? Environmental cause?
  7. MasiHosseini

    Squidward's worst vandalism

    What's Squidward's worst vandalism in your opinion? In Artist Unknown: In Are You Happy Now?:
  8. MasiHosseini

    Photoshopped pineapple?

    I always wondered if SpongeBob's pineapple at the near end of the SpongeBob episode ''Rock Bottom'' was photoshopped. What are your thoughts?
  9. MasiHosseini

    Patrick Was Right

    Hello guys, Did you guys noticed some moments where Patrick was right about Squidward not liking them but SpongeBob denying it? In the SpongeBob episode ''Jellyfishing'': SpongeBob: You know, Patrick? It always seems like Squidward never has time for fun. Patrick: Maybe he doesn't like...
  10. MasiHosseini

    Your opinion regarding SpongeBob's season 10 design

    Hello guys, What's your opinion regarding SpongeBob's season 10 design. The screenshot is from the SpongeBob episode ''Whirly Brains'' (i didn't see the episode yet). In my honest opinion it's awesome!!!! :D
  11. MasiHosseini

    Is Gary a playsnail?

    Is Gary a playsnail? (a playboy version of a snail). He screwed around with two lady snails (Snellie and Mary) in the SpongeBob episodes "The Great Snail Race" and "Gary in Love." Really Gary? Can't you keep it with one? You know what, Gary? Maybe Snellie is better off stuck in a tree...
  12. MasiHosseini

    Worst Gary treatment

    Who treated Gary worse in your opinion? In my honest opinion Patrick treated him worse, because Gary was in very much pain.
  13. MasiHosseini

    SpongeBob's grandma (more) demented?

    Is SpongeBob's grandma MOAR demented than usual? In earlier SpongeBob episodes, like "Grandma's kisses", "Blackjack", and "The Abrasive Side" she was pretty decent considering her age. In a more recent SpongeBob episode, like "Pet Sitter Pat" she acts more demented than usual. For example, she...
  14. MasiHosseini

    Doorbell scene

    Hello, All of you probably know the "infamous" doorbell scene from the SpongeBob episode "Pet or Pests." I know why most people obviously find it annoying, because i find it kinda annoying too (not very much, i've seen worse). Why don't people...
  15. MasiHosseini

    The Flying Dutchman vs King Neptune

    Hey guys, Who would win in a fight? The Flying Dutchman or King Neptune? They both have supernatural abilities and powers. The Flying Dutchman VS King Neptune
  16. MasiHosseini

    Best sad song by Sandy Cheeks

    What is the best sad song by Sandy Cheeks in your opinion? Why? Your thoughts please. In my honest opinion the one from Texas is better and sadder, because it was played more serious. Although the one from Chimps Ahoy is also kinda sad, it's more played for laughs than the one from Texas...
  17. MasiHosseini

    Best boating instructor

    Hey guys, Who is the best boating instructor in your honest opinion? What are your thoughts? Mrs. Puff The official boating instructor of SpongeBob SquarePants. She always fail with teaching SpongeBob and she considers him "unteachable." She pretty much stood with her method (even though it...
  18. MasiHosseini

    Who is more intelligent? Plankton or Sandy?

    Hello guys, Plankton is an evil genius (maybe less in recent episodes, but maybe because of lack of motivation due his failures). He is also a scientist just like Sandy. We see less of his scientific aspects, because he is too busy with selling chum. Sandy in the other hand, is often busy with...