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  1. Any Spongebob fanfics you remember reading a long time ago that are no longer around?

    Probably my favorite Spongebob fanfic that no longer seems to exist would be Spongebob Duelpants, as the title suggests the plot was SB combined with Yu-Gi-Oh(as in the Duel Monsters cards were used, not as in the characters from the anime appeared) and it was actually pretty well written for...
  2. Canned Bread is real after all

    It's always interesting when something that's meant to be absurd in a piece of media turns out to be real:
  3. Underrated Post-Movie Episodes

    Since nobody started a thread for overrated post-movie episodes, I thought i'd do one for underrated PM episodes. I think i'll start with "The Card" as I just recently saw the Truth or Square DVD(I do have to admit my opinion of that special isn't as high as when I first saw it, I do recognize...
  4. A classic episode I never personally cared for-"The Paper"

    So i've been reading EmployeAMillion's excellent review thread and enjoying it. Though I have to say I think Spongebob has always been good, I never thought the quality went down all that much after the first movie and there are no episodes I truly despise with a passion. Though if there is one...
  5. Surprised there was never a crossover with Fairly Oddparents

    I was surprised at how well the Jimmy Neutron/FOP crossovers worked, and given that FOP was the second most popular Nick animated show for ages(before Loud House anyways) i'm really surprised there was never a crossover between it and Spongebob. I think there was a lot of potential there: One...
  6. Anyone ever play the short-lived Spongebob CCG "Deep Sea Duel"?

    For those who don't remember, in 2003 Spongebob had a very short-lived CCG published by Upper Deck. I'll admit the game sounded interesting, but since of my classmates played it, I never bothered getting the cards. I do kind of wished it had lasted a bit longer. At the very least I wouldn't...
  7. Since the third movie was post-poned from 2019 to 2020, will there be a 20th anniversary TV movie ne

    Just wondering if anyone thinks we'll be getting another anniversary celebration movie for the 20th anniversary since theatrical film isn't coming out til 2020. I wouldn't mind seeing another SB TV Movie myself.
  8. Anyone think the upcoming episode "Goons on the Moon" is an updated version of the cancelled episode

    I've heard this theory about "Goons on the Moon" being a rewrite of the cancelled episode Spacebob Invaderpants and I was wondering if anyone else thinks that's likely.
  9. Worst Spongebob Episodes

    So, which Spongebob episodes do you think are the absolute worst? For me the worst ones are Valentine;s Day/The Paper, both of them were pretty dull and unfunny to me, Skill Crane wasn't very good either.