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  1. Original Raw and Uncut

    Mermaid Man & Barnacleboy V deleted scenes stroyboard audio clips found I wish these scenes were fully animated it would've been very interesting. I find deleted scenes/scrapped content to be more interesting than watching new episodes. I wish if the crew ever gets a chance to animate this scene, I wish they were to do...
  2. Original Raw and Uncut

    There are more modern episodes than classic episodes

    Anyone notice how a lot of modern shows have more modern episodes than classics episodes. Not by time wise, but by quality. For example, Spongebob has hundreds of post-movie episodes, hundreds of post sequel episodes, but only 60 pre-movies. Family Guy also has more modern episodes than...
  3. Original Raw and Uncut

    Season 6 quality episodes in Season 12

    In my opinion, I think post 2nd Movie Spongebob is overrated. Don't get me wrong season 9b was a massive improvement of S6/S7/S8/S9A. However, there are many bad episodes in this portion of the show that don't get talked about enough, or swept under the rug because of Steven's return. Season 12...
  4. Original Raw and Uncut

    Season 4 and Season 7 don't have their own identity, they're just transitional seasons

    Season 4: The earlier episodes of the season feel like pre-movie episodes, "The Lost Matress", feels like a pre-movie episode. The tone of the first half of the season is mostly calm in it's atmosphere, it has an underwatery feel like the pre-movie episodes (Scenes with lack of background music...
  5. Original Raw and Uncut

    Nick US is do dumb

    They hold back episodes so long, The Hakerning was the first new episode that we got in months, because it wasn't leaked from another country. No wonder why it's plummeting in ratings. I also hate how episodes that are 20 segments apart in production air on the same day.
  6. Original Raw and Uncut

    In terms of animation, Season 5 looks a lot more like modern SpongeBob than pre-movie does.

    Anyone notice how season 2-3 look way more different from season 5, than season 5 does from season 12: This is what a typical season 2-3 episode would look like: Here's what a typical season 5 episode looks like: Here's season 12: Weird. "Sailor Mouth" and "Banned in Bikini Bottom"...
  7. Original Raw and Uncut

    Nicktoons only aired pre-movie episodes before the 2009 re-brand

    Anyone notice how up until the logo change, Nicktoons Network only aired pre-movie SpongeBob episodes. Anyone notice this? I wonder why they did this, if anything I don't think the post-movie's art style matches with the older nicktoons logo.
  8. Original Raw and Uncut

    258a. Boss for a Day

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  9. Original Raw and Uncut

    Season 8 holdovers

    Anyone still find it hard to believe that the season eight holdovers (Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go through Hello Bikini Bottom), were made before the first few episodes of season 9. I know that other seasons had overlapping episodes, but this is a big deal, because Season 9 marked...
  10. Original Raw and Uncut

    I wish other shows had a collection of production music like SpongeBob did

    A lot of other shows have good background music like SpongeBob does. A prime example being Adventure Time. But less than half of it's background music has been released. The only other show that has associated tracks on YouTube would be Courage the Cowardly Dog, and that show has plenty of good...
  11. Original Raw and Uncut

    Original titles sound better than the reworked ones

    For example, Factory Fresh was changed into Goodbye Krabby Patty. Idiot Sauce was made into Salsa Imbeculicus. And Swamped! was changed to Swamp Mates (Swamped sounds much better, swamp mates sounds too child-ish)
  12. Original Raw and Uncut

    Nick's erratic airing schedule

    Anyone notice how episodes air at a very random order. An example would be episodes air far apart out of production order. Sometimes episodes that air within the same months are 15 or 16 episodes apart in production. Anyone else notice this? In cases that are really bad, an episode may air...
  13. Original Raw and Uncut

    258b. The Goofy Newbie

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  14. Original Raw and Uncut

    244b. Pineapple RV

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  15. Original Raw and Uncut

    252b. Dirty Bubble Returns

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  16. Original Raw and Uncut

    253b. Biddy Sitting

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  17. Original Raw and Uncut

    253a. Jolly Lodgers

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  18. Original Raw and Uncut

    257b. Breakin'

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  19. Original Raw and Uncut

    There are more post 2nd Movie episodes than pre-movie

    As of now, post 2nd movie has exceeded 60 episodes (Which was the length of pre-movie). I've noticed that most long running shows tend to have more "modern" episodes than classic episodes. Anyone notice this?
  20. Original Raw and Uncut

    Favorite animation method

    My favorite is digital ink and paint. No artifacts like cel (Wobbliness or cue dots), but doesn't move like a puppet like Flash or Toon Boom.