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  1. MasiHosseini

    Marsh King

    Sup guys, Is "Marsh King", the brand marshmallows that SpongeBob and Patrick ate in "The Camping Episode", based on "Burger King"?
  2. MasiHosseini

    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    Hillenburg died on November 26, 2018, from complications from ALS...
  3. MasiHosseini

    Andy's teacher from What's With Andy stole SpongeBob's clothes?

    The design is just "ok" in my opinion, but the content is much better, trust me.
  4. MasiHosseini

    Andy's teacher from What's With Andy stole SpongeBob's clothes?

    Even the glasses are identical. What surprises me, is that he always wear those clothes and glasses.
  5. MasiHosseini

    Should SpongeBob move networks?

    Adult Swim needs SpongeBob.
  6. MasiHosseini

    Break A Leg

    The best scene from "ChefBob", which was a pretty good episode.
  7. MasiHosseini

    Kelp Shake

    Never thought about it. Nice observation!
  8. MasiHosseini

    Kelp Shake I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it...
  9. MasiHosseini

    Thank you, daddy!

    The only passable scene from Stink Lemonade!
  10. MasiHosseini

    Ink Lemonade and Community Portrayed by Spongebob

    This really points out my thoughts regarding this horrid episode. Hilarious and definitely not a cliché.
  11. MasiHosseini

    Black Lemonade was almost a part of the Krabby Patty Formula Best part from that horrid episode.
  12. MasiHosseini

    Bubble Bass' Order made into a real sandwich!

    This is pure gold.
  13. MasiHosseini

    Was the End of Season 3 Kind of Mediocre?

    Regarding Krabby Land, I think it's especially hated and infamous, because the "flanderization" of Mr. Krabs was really obvious, which was rare in episodes before that one.
  14. MasiHosseini

    Why is there so much trash in the new episodes?

    Because the show is trash.
  15. MasiHosseini

    I'm with Stupid with accurate coloring

    Satisfying look.