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  1. What Is Your Favorite Season Of SpongeBob?

    My personal favorite is season three. Comment yours down below.
  2. What Are Your Favorite SpongeBob Songs?

    Here's my list (not in order): Ripped Pants Christmas Feels Like The Very First Christmas To Me (Christmas Who?) This Grill Is Not A Home (Welcome Of The Chum Bucket) Sweet Victory (Band Geeks) Electric Zoo (Krab-Borg) Underwater Sun (Party Pooper Pants) Striped Sweater Song (As Seen On TV)...
  3. What are your favorite SpongeBob episodes

    Here's mine (not in order): Band Geeks Chocolate With Nuts Rock Bottom Ugh Krusty Towers Help Wanted Have You Seen This Snail? Skill Crane The Sponge Who Could Fly The Camping Episode SB-129 Scaredy Pants Wormy Graveyard Shift Party Pooper Pants Sailor Mouth Krab-Borg Krabby Land Friend Or Foe...
  4. Deleted Scene From Mermaidman And Barnacle Boy 5

    I heard on some sites (Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, Lost Media Wiki) that apparently there was a deleted scene in the original airing of "Mermaidman And Barnacle Boy V" where the IJLSA's plane explodes. If any of you know if this scene exists or can give some more info on it, please tell me in the...
  5. Hey, i'm JackIsCool Productions

    Hey, everyone. It's JackIsCool Productions here. You may know me from YouTube. I joined because i am a big fan of SpongeBob SquarePants and would like to talk with other fans.