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  1. Master WhoBruh

    WhoBob's 5th Year Anniversary and His (Most Likely) Last Day on SBM

    Holy crap Lois. Today is my 5th year anniversary on this forum. Isn't that crazy? Now I feel like an oldie. I remember how I joined this site because of SBC being shut down but honestly, I'd still see myself joining this forum later on for sure. I had my 5 years (yeah I took a big hiatus in...
  2. Master WhoBruh

    Famous comic run Invincible is getting an adult animated series on Amazon Honestly I have never read this comic run (even though I want to collect it so badly, now that it ended this year) but this is such a great news for me. Animated series is...
  3. Master WhoBruh

    WhoBob's drawing of our lord and saviour after some stuff happened on SpongeBob...

    Behold, I bring you this new comic (jk it's just a fan cover) SQUIDCLOPS Yes, it's hand drawn with crappy quality (If anyone can't see that tiny circle thingy, it's Patrick with x eyes saying "who wants lemonade?") but I made this to tell you that this fight isn't over! Squidward will win...
  4. Master WhoBruh

    Infinity Countdown: WhoBob reviews every single MCU movies before Infinity War

    It seems like the perfect time to rewatch every single MCU movies before Infinity War comes out and I know it's going to be an awesome time. Just a reminder that MCU is far away from an amazing estabilished universe. Many choices they have made over 10 years were so jarring or really annoying...
  5. Master WhoBruh

    228a. Fun-Sized Friends

    228a "SpongeBob and Patrick exchange tiny living versions of themselves" Now this looks like an actual fun premise. I can't wait to see this episode.
  6. Master WhoBruh

    227a. Drive Happy

    "SpongeBob can't drive, but you don't need a license to operate a self-driving car" Yeah, not sure about this premise. We already had a premise of SpongeBob not needing a license to drive a car (Burst Your Bubble) but It could be something different. Discuss when it's aired.
  7. Master WhoBruh

    228b. Grandmum's the Word

    228b Again, no plot revealed but I assume this could be the return of SpongeBob's grandma or maybe Plankton's grandma :P but we'll see.
  8. Master WhoBruh

    227b. Old Man Patrick

    We don't know what the plot is gonna be maybe Old Man Logan parody. I'm not a huge fan of most of Patrick's episodes in the new era but I hope this will be at least interesting.
  9. Master WhoBruh

  10. Master WhoBruh

    223b. Bunny Hunt

    "A sea bunny ravages Squidward's garden, but SpongeBob thinks it's cute." Yeah, I'm not interested in this. It screams too much SpongeBob being oblivious to everything and Squidward getting undeserved pain but we'll see how it goes. Please don't be like season 6. Discuss when it's aired (my...
  11. Master WhoBruh

    223a. Sanitation Insanity

    the episode hasn't got a airdate but might as well make a topic to it. "When Mr. Krabs gets in trouble for littering, he makes SpongeBob and Squidward clean up Bikini Bottom" The concept worries me because it sounds a lot like Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful and Mr. Krabs seems like a jerk here...
  12. Master WhoBruh

    Dr. WhoBruh's Top 15 Best Post-Second Movie Episodes

    And I thought I'd never make a SpongeBob list again. Guess I was wrong. :3 Yep, I'm making this and hopefully I'll be darn good at it. I'll talk about how I feel about the show these days in some other time but right now, I wanna talk about the PSM episodes I loved more. Now that we have enough...
  13. Master WhoBruh

    kevin spacey 2.0
  14. Master WhoBruh

    225a. Cuddle E. Hugs

    This episode airs on November 8. Discuss when it airs. The premise of SpongeBob befriending a giant hamster seems weird, especially when Sandy is with same size as fish but okay. This can end up being pretty funny or pretty annoying. I'm interested for sure.
  15. Master WhoBruh

    224b. ScavengerPants

    This episode airs on November 9. Discuss when it airs. I'm not so thrilled by the premise but hopefully it'll be good.
  16. Master WhoBruh

    224a. Squid Noir

    this episode airs on November 10. The episode I'm the most excited about. Hopefully it'll be good.
  17. Master WhoBruh

    Some of the cast and crew members of SpongeBob pick 5 episodes as their favorites. If you don't wanna watch this video, here are which episodes the cast and crew picked. Any thoughts? Kind of funny how they didn't pick some of the obvious choices but also interesting.
  18. Master WhoBruh

    rise my fellow SBMers and lets hate SpongeBob together

    comment all of your hatred of this disgusting and offensive show below.