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  1. Patty Sponge

    The Smiler, Alton Towers Incident June 2nd, 2015

    Since I felt like I really wanted to discuss this, I've decided to create a thread based on a roller coaster incident that happened on the 2nd June 2015. For those who don't know, on that day, one of the roller coasters The Smiler which is located in the British theme park Alton Towers, had an...
  2. Patty Sponge

    Patteh's Top 10 Favourite Animated Shows

    You know what I love? Animation. You want to know why? Well here is 10 examples for you as I count down my top 10 favourite animated shows of all times, being mixed with kids shows and adult shows. So enough with this very short description, let's jump into some shows. 10. Rocko's Modern Life...
  3. Patty Sponge

    I made a skin in the Sims 2

    I recently got hold of the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for Origin and I also discovered the old body shop hidden in the files. I also learnt that I can extract textures from clothes, skins etc and edit them. So using this, here is my official skin based on a joke from one of UnkleJoe's videos...
  4. Patty Sponge

    Old Nickelodeon Break and Next Bumpers Remakes

    Being able to get my hand on some old 'We'll be Right Back' and 'Up Next is' bumpers from the golden age of Nickelodeon and even getting access to the music that plays when during the bumpers, I've decided to work on some of my own ones using footage from old or new shows. If you don't...
  5. Patty Sponge

    Patteh's Top 20 Favourite Modern SpongeBob Episodes

    WARNING: May Contain Opinions Like alot of the SpongeBob fanbase, I'm another one of the fans that agree that the show has dropped a bomb in quality after the release of the movie (except Season 4, I loved that season). Season 5 was ok. Season 6 was horrible. Season 7, I can't quite say my...
  6. Patty Sponge

    Who Drives the Vehicle in 'Krabby Land'?

    Ah, Krabby Land. Such a rememberable Season 3 classic. Some people don't think it's a classic but hey, they're opinions are wrong (don't worry, it's just a little joke, everyone has different opinions). One of the most memorable scenes in the episode is when SpongeBob is torturing himself in...
  7. Patty Sponge

    Karen's Secret

  8. Patty Sponge

    How to become a mod or admin in less than 20 minutes

    Hey you! Yeah you! Want to become a moderator or administrator here on SBM? Well in less than 20 minutes, you will become the greatest staff member the internet has ever seen. This is... How to become a Mod or Admin in Less than 20 Minutes. 1) Being a moderator or administrator is all about...
  9. Patty Sponge

    What bothered me in 'Doing Time'

    We all remember the Season 3 classic 'Doing Time'. You know, the episode where Mrs. Puff goes to jail and SpongeBob and Patrick try to break her out. Possibly the best scene in the episode is when Mrs. Puff is thrown into solitary confinement and she starts seeing SpongeBob's face on all the...
  10. Patty Sponge

    [April Fool] Tom Kenny, voice actor of SpongeBob SquarePants, has been fired by Nickelodeon

    Source UPDATE Paul Tibbitt has revealed on twitter that Tom Kenny will in fact, nay be returning to teh show.
  11. Patty Sponge

    SBM's 1st Academy Awards 2015: NOMINATIONS

    So of cause, about a month ago, we got the winners for the oscars of 2015. Some suprises, some non-suprises and some bad decisions. But then I had a thought, what if I could get the guys from one of my forums to decide their own version of what the Oscars of 2015 should have been. And thus...
  12. Patty Sponge

    Hunger Games Simulator Thread: ssj's gonna die first Welcome to the Hunger Games Simulator Thread. Using the link above, you can create your own Hunger Games simulator and post about it here, or even follow other people's hunger games. I'm gonna show off mine with the first ever SpongeBuddy Games. I orginally...
  13. Patty Sponge

    What FoodFight! Could Have Been

    I was doing a bit scouting around when I found a trailer for the infamous disaster, FoodFight!, back from 2002 before the film's data was stolen and we were given what we have now. Animation actually looked slightly better.
  14. Patty Sponge

    My First YouTube Poop

    Finally got Sony Vegas Pro 13 and I've decided to make my very first youtube poop, which I title 'Hours in Vegas'. This took me about more than 3 hours to make but it was fun making it. Yeah I know, it's very short. Please let me know what you think...
  15. Patty Sponge

    Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock) passes away at 83

    I am really heart broken by this. He was such a great man and it's just sad to see now gone, but his legacy will keep him alive.
  16. Patty Sponge

    The Beano

    Since there doesn't seem to be a topic on this, and sadly due to the sad risk of losing our Beano forum, I've decided to create a topic on this. Aah, the Beano. possibly the greatest British children's comic series ever made, making children 'laugh' since 1938. Yep, 77 years now and this...
  17. Patty Sponge

    SBM's Favourite Post-Season 4 Episodes

    EDIT Just found out someone else did it. Well, Rest in Peace another one of my dreams.
  18. Patty Sponge

    My Threads in a Shellnut

    My Threads Everyone else's threads
  19. Patty Sponge

    Patteh's Gmod Videos

    From the idiot that brought you 'Balloon Boy's Bad Day', introducing, Heavy Plays a Prank on Scout! Please let me know what you think. If this threads becomes popular, I'll probably make it my official gmod videos thread.
  20. Patty Sponge

    Balloon Boy's Bad Day

    After all of yesterday afternoon, I've finished my first gmod video! Please let me know what you think. It's my first attempt at one and sadly, I used Movie Maker to make this. Thanks.