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    WhoBob's 5th Year Anniversary and His (Most Likely) Last Day on SBM

    Holy crap Lois. Today is my 5th year anniversary on this forum. Isn't that crazy? Now I feel like an oldie. I remember how I joined this site because of SBC being shut down but honestly, I'd still see myself joining this forum later on for sure. I had my 5 years (yeah I took a big hiatus in...
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    Pinned thread Old Member Reunion Nostalgia Regathering Topic

    am ı old enough to be on this topic yet? Community
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    Infinity Countdown: WhoBob reviews every single MCU movies before Infinity War

    lol wut yeah, I just can't finish a grodd darn list. Sorry for losing interest in this for a while but no worries. I finished my rewatch and I can say that at the very least, I finished da ranking. Sadly I won't be posting my reviews here anymore but here's the LINK of me posting my thoughts on...
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    WELL BACK TO THE OLD GRIND :triumph: :triumph:

    why am I posting in this thread?????????????????????????????
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    family guy!

    Shut up Hal
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    family guy!

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    Family Guy

    Proud bump in a proud topic of a proud show.
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    Pinned thread Tease ssj Topic

    lol ssj's immature
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    New songs that you like?
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    Grade the Last Movie You Watched (Revived)

    Ant-Man and the Wasp - B/B+
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    Steven Universe

    Reunited omg I was 99% impressed with how this episode came out and the whole Heart of the Crystal Gems arc this week has been the best Steven Universe I've ever had in 2 years. I can't wait to see how season 5 will wrap up. Steven Universe is back to being a great show, it's insane.
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    Steven Universe

    Made of Honor discussion Four great great great emotional episodes. I hope the two parter episode will live up to that.
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    Pinned thread Post Random Pictures

    It was yesterday but still, happy birthday Steve Rogers, aka Captain America.