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  1. 232b. Shopping List Synopsis: SpongeBob and Sandy have to collect Krabby Patty ingredients, but Plankton follows their every step. Airdate: TBA Discuss Below
  2. Black Lemonade Recipe

    How about we all take a break from the hotness of the episode by having this tasty and nutritious treat! Instructables has the recipe for you: no Squid Sqeezies required! :squidwhoo:
  3. 232a. Mustard O' Mine

    Looks like there's another premiere month coming after the last one was slower than usual. Curious to hear what this episode will be about.
  4. 225b. Pat the Horse

    Who knows? Maybe people will remember this episode despite airing with "The Incredibly Delayed Sponge" on December 2nd. Discuss it here.
  5. SBM is trash

    SBM is trash
  6. SBM is trash

    SBM is trash
  7. SBM is trash

    SBM is trash
  8. SBM is trash!

    SBM is trash!
  9. 219a. Man Ray Returns

    Synopsis: "When Man Ray rents Squidward's house for the weekend, it's up to SpongeBob and Patrick to stop his evil vacation." Sounds so silly that SpongeBob and Patrick just make a huge deal out of a mundane situation. I just love how much irony this idea has. Discuss it when it airs.
  10. 219b. Larry the Floor Manager

    Synopsis: "Mr. Krabs takes a vacation and makes Larry the Lobster the temporary manager of the Krusty Krab." Oh cool it's an expansion of that last scene from "The Check-Up" that I really loved. :P And it's another episode starring Larry after Season 9's "Larry's Gym"! I'm so glad the show can...
  11. 218b. There's a Sponge in My Soup

    Synopsis: "Mr. Krabs’ new Krabby soup is a hit – until some heat-loving hippies move into the soup vat!" Well this is... bizarre and original. Looks like it could be a funny episode if handled well. Discuss it when they decide to pair it with "Spin the Bottle" like they should have.
  12. 216b. The Clam Whisperer

    Synopsis: "When a flock of clams descend on Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob has to get them out before they ruin the whole town." Ah this just looks like such a familiar yet really fun story idea. I hope SpongeBob puts a good unique spin on it! Discuss it when it airs.
  13. 216a. Cave Dwelling Sponge

    Synopsis: When a prehistoric Sponge is unfrozen, he causes chaos all over town – and only SpongeBob can communicate with him! Discuss the new episode when it airs!
  14. SBM is garbage

    SBM is garbage
  15. SBM is trash

    SBM is trash!
  16. SBM is trash

    SBM is trash
  17. 218a. Spin the Bottle

    Synopsis: "Plankton poses as a wish-granting genie in his latest scheme to get the secret formula." I don't know how popular the desire for this episode to be a shipper's paradise of kissing was, because I'd love that for how different it'd be, but I guess having a Spandy moment is too much for...
  18. SBM is trash!

    SBM is trash!
  19. Nothing to see here...

    Final version of the comic is coming soon.
  20. 212b. Sportz?

    212b Definitely one of the strangest titles I've ever seen for a SpongeBob episode. I hope that the sport Squidward ends up inventing ends up being creative and fun! Discuss the episode when it airs.