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    Cartoon Network reveals a colorful new cruise!

    It is revealed. Cartoon Network is making a new cruise. What do you think about this? Here's something CNN has to say: Cartoon Network reveals colorful new cruise ship!!! PLAY Cartoon Network reveals colorful new cruise ship...
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    Happy New Year or New Year's Eve SBM!

    Happy New Year or New Year's Eve (depends on the time zone) So we all know that 2017 hasn't been the best year, it's had its hurricanes and earthquakes but we all know that 2018 will be a year of blessings and positivity!!! Happy New Year SBM!!! :)
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    Super Mario Movie Confirmed

    So it's confirmed, (maybe this is becuase Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games of 2017) Nintendo made a deal with Illumination Entertainment (creators of Despicable Me,etc.) and they are going to make a movie about Super Mario. I Personally hope the movie is related to SMO and that the...
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    Best Christmas Gift

    Tell which one is best down at the comments
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    Happy Christmas Eve to everyone in SBM!!! :) :P :D :lol: And we all know what that means,( :sbxmas: ooh,im so excited :garyxmas: ) That's right: Tomorrow is Christmas!!! A very special day, the day Jesus was born. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!! :sbxmas: :patxmas...
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    SpongeBob Movie 3 Expectations

    We all now the movie is coming. So I wanna know what are you expecting when it's on the big screen. Tell me in the comments
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    Christmas is Coming

    Get your cheer on becuase Christmas is coming!!
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    Big Nate and SpongeBob

    Hi,Everybody. Today I was browsing U-go-Comics and i found something interesting.SpongeBob is not on the comic strips but he is mentioned,i found 3 strips,filled with lots of good good humor: Copyright to Lincoln Peirce for these awesome comic strips
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    Intro: Mister Absorbency

    (P.S I know it's late do this after some months) Hello People of SpongeBuddy Mania, I'm Mister Absorbency. I'm interested in everything SpongeBob. Ready to make more friends and to talk in the forums. Wanna chat in private? PM Me! Hope we can be friends :) :peace: :excited: :excited...
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    Are You Excited? Are You Excited?? :sbgrin:
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    SpongeLosty Mania

    Hi guys,it's me Mister Absorbency back with another topic. In this topic we will talk about "SpongeBob Lost Media". Anything you find about SpongeBob Lost Media (videos,games etc..) post it here. 4 example this and yes i recorded this from this page...