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  1. Sponge-Buddy Restaurant!

    Can i be a mars bar-_0
  2. What did you dream last night?

    Hm something weird ..... My best friend running off with my boyfriend! 0_0; I'm scared!
  3. Vacation Spot

    Beach in Bulgaria ;) ;) and i have the tan to prove it! ^^
  4. Countries.

    United Kingdom!
  5. Hand-drawn sponge

    You also missed out his pupils in his eyes...But i don't know if you ment to or not! Anyway quite good if its your first try! I'm impressed at least!!!
  6. Testing...

    Ha Ha!!! Thats funny!!!!! Good Job
  7. Lil' Bob v2

    (Not to self must scan moren pictures and talk less) Hee hee ... Kiding Anyway its great for a picture done on paint. Job weldone *Pats on the back* And uhh...Heres a Cookie!
  8. Hello Krusty Krew

    Hiya Carrie and welcome *Hugs*
  9. poop

    Hiya And Welcome Well he could or he could not be 7 but i thought you had to be 13+ Too join a forum or that might be just me! ;) Anywayz..Welcome once again!
  10. Username change

    I want to keep mine the way it is! :sleep: :blink:
  11. How many family members?

    Mum Dad 1 Brother (David) - Moved out with his girlfriend and have kids 3 Sisters (Teresa , Lorraine , Tina) - Have kids of there own My Dog Lucky 29 Birds Charlie - Me!!!! ;)
  12. What SpongeBob character are you most like?

    Id say i'm a little of each!
  13. Who Likes the Fairly Odd Parents?

    Shes right , Just ask someone to move it for you! Yes the shows really good! I especially like Cosmo he makes me laugh *Snickers*
  14. Crushes

    I have a hugh Crush on a boy named Damien in the same grade as me!! Hes fit! ^^
  15. Chalk Zone

    Nope still hate it....But i did watcgh it...But hate it! -__-
  16. Best channel

    Nicktoons ... I like cartoons ^^ ;)
  17. Guess who's back

    Welcome Back Spammy! Though i don't know you ...Ok..What i just said is weird -_0
  18. ahoy there!

    Hm yummy...!!! ;)
  19. Location Game

  20. Rate the quote of the above person

    Mr Krabs: The lad crys you a sweater of tears.....and you kill him! Dieing for pie ~