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    Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon So, this just got announced. We basically know nothing, but its kind of like a third version like Emerald, Platnium, and a lot like BW2. There's gonna be new Pokemon that weren't in the first SM, some new sub-stories and stuff, which seems cool. The...
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    BMC draws stuff but again

    i have a drawing tablet and actual decent software (though no more scanner so no more handrawn pics for now :/ ) and i will attempt to draw yer stuff (no amines or ponnies........)
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    Family Guy Funniest Moment!

    and yes, this is real
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    SpongeBob Cameo in Loud House Theme Song?
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    Chowder Cameo in Harvey Beaks!

    In the Season 1 finale, Fee & Foo's First Birthday, that aired yesterday, lots of callbacks and characters from earlier episodes appeared. But here's one I didn't expect: Big images:
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    SBM Meme Comic Topic

    Blogs get covered by other blogs so I figured it'd be easier to just keep it in one topic :P Follow if you want to see updates and more! :D This comic will be a lot of fun! Original drawing Poster Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 And here's Part 4! :D
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    Best Nick Cringe

    Watch Me - Nick Edition: Do the Wallaby: ALSO LMAO THEY'RE AN ACTUAL GROUP Our House: (Nick took it down for some reason, here's the best mirror there is :patboo...
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    post random pingus

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    Favorite song from the original movie soundtrack? 0:00 - SpongeBob Theme 0:46 - SpongeBob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy 4:24 - Just a Kid 7:16 - Goofy Goober 9:57 - Prince Paul's Bubble Party 12:27 - Bikini Bottom 16:07 - Best Day Ever 19:09 - They'll Soon Discover 22:34 - Ocean...
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    New Breadwinners episode!
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    In Memory of Pickle and Peanut

    a tribute i made for this beautiful show
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    Animal Wars #5 - Lil Pickle vs Snowball

    Lil Pickle: Snowball: Both are IMO, but Lil Pickle destroys all.
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    Peridot's New Crystal Gem Outfit LEAKED!
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    Gumball - The Prank 2

    This joke is kind of old but I couldn't resist.
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    The Notification Dating Game

    Basically, you have to go on a date with everyone in your notifications. Whoever appears the most is your new girlfriend/boyfriend :wub: I don't stay with anyone ;_;