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    If SpongeBob Characters were cast in or had their own versions of adult dramas

    Yellow is the new Black SpongeBob turns into a big buisness man, he's very popular and is also a yellow gangsta' Rated TV 14 for gangtaness and sex humor Only on STV @ 9:00pm/10:00pm
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    Class Nickelodeon Video Ganes being rereleased on modern consoles

    Oh BUOY :sbfunny: (something SB would say) I hope it comes for the Switch. I've been waiting for an SB videogame
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    Spongebob Remix <3 <3

    This is Great!!!
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    Grand Dad Mac

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    Hurt And Heal: Squid Torture Episodes

    Hurt House Fancy Heal Squid on Strike
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    Loud House New Character Prediction

    I don't see this happening. And Rugrats is old,Loud House is modern. And is the movie actually confirmed?
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    This 'Spongebob Squarepants' Anime Shouldn't Be So Good

    Ew :patgross, What is this? I didn't knew that a unofficial SB anime existed!!! This is a disrespect to Original SpongeBob!!! :thumbdown: :thumbdown: And also, Patrick shouldn't have died!!! This is just my opinion, OK? I just didn't knew this existed. Don't take it the wrong way.
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    Your favorite episode pairs from each season?

    Season 1- Pizza Delivery/Home Sweet Pineapple Season 2- Wormy/Patty Hype Season 3- Krabby Land/The Camping Episode P.S Next time i'll tell more
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    Butch Hartman has left Nickelodeon

    I'll miss him. The Fairly Oddparents sure we're good. I hope Butch can keep his career running. Good :sbbye2: Butch Hartman.
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    Best Super Bowl LII Commercials

    I'm not a fan of Super Bowl (i don't even watch it) but i saw the M&M'S commercial and it was really funny
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    Squilly draws stuff

    Nice!!! :thumb1: Maybe now people will understand what the *insert your clickbaiting title here* topic was about
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    2 Years on sbm!

    Happy 2nd aniversary!!!
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    Facebook to stream Band Geeks in 20 minutes!

    I will watch it. Facebook sure picked a good episode for the Super Bowl (even though I won't watch the Super Bowl) I posted this @ 5/6:11 pm which means that it is only 19 minutes left
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    With or Without

    SpongeBob just keeps asking: "Should i put the essay pencil here...blah blah blah" Life of Crime with Plankton
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    What would happen if the whole world suddenly became a cartoon pony?

    I would be the most unhappy pony
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    What Are Your Headcanons?

    If Squidward was claustrophobic as he said in "Wishing you Well" he would have panicked
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    Favorite pictures for calendars?

    I like them with characters I like but sadly (:() before the year is over somebody gives me a calendar