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  1. Ladies And Gentleman

    I am really really sorry but it has been a long series of events. First school was letting out and I had to study. Then I was grounded for about a month. I went to Virginia and North Carolina for a week. When I got home from there I had to pack. We are moving. Next I went to Las Vegas and...
  2. MLB Season

    yes use this for bragging rights when your favorite team wins or use it to spread mlb news around.
  3. Jack Johnson

    i know most of you guys probably havent heard of jack johnson but i got his new cd and it is great. i am also seeing him in concert in charleston at the beginning of september. i cant wait! it's going to be awesome. anyone heard of him/like his music?
  4. south carolina in the nit finals?

    st.joes vs south carolina gamecocks in the finals of the nit <_< theres a shocker
  5. Free Host?

    hey is there a free place to start forums? i know there used to be ibvision free but i dont think that works anymore. please help
  6. New Sig...

    yeah i said it was coming soon to a theater near you. little did i know it would be today. enjoy my collage of spongemonkey13
  7. What Is The Super Bowl About For You?

    yeah i was wondering what everyones opinion on this was. its super bowl sunday and i am looking most forward to the food and the parties
  8. nicoles collage

    yeah i had this picture of me scuba diving in mexico. it reminded me a lot of the nirvana nevermind album so i simply just had fun with it. for the logo nirvana became nicole. yeah and then i threw some kurt pictures up for an added effect. keep in mind i dont have photoshop so it could be done...
  9. College Basketball

    i love college basketball. i went to the duke/clemson game in durham at the beginning of this year. i am a duke fan. i also like to see the other nc teams do well when its not against duke. i will pin this so we can talk about games easier. anyone see the exciting game yesterday with wisconsin...
  10. new sig

    you spongezoners have seen it but this is for everyone else
  11. Do you ever?

    do you ever listen to songs in MIDI or backwards? i do that all the time. its really cool. i am listening to the beatles MIDI right now actually
  12. NCAA championship

    hey any lacrosse fans? navy beat princeton today 8-7. syracuse beat johns hopkins 15-9. it was on espn 2. i cant follow much college lacrosse down here but i like princeton. shame they lost. anyway i am going for syracuse. what about everyone else?
  13. Coral Or Uncoral?

    all right the name of the game is coral or uncoral. it was a pretty big hit at sz and sbc and i am going to try it here. okay i will name something. you say coral or uncoral and then name something else. Example spongemonkey13-pencils Spongey34-coral lollipops...