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  1. JerryTheSnail

    Some SB art and doodles from my sketchbook

    It's been a while since I've posted drawings, and in between now and then, I have leaned a bunch and improved quite a bit. Some of these are (intentionally) rough. Hope you guys like them!
  2. JerryTheSnail

    My attempt to draw Spongebob in different artist/crew member's styles

    So I decided to try something new and attempt to draw Spongebob in the styles of different artists who have either worked on the show or the comics. They all have unique styles. Just keep in mind, I do not claim to know 100% how these different artists draw the character, this is just from...
  3. JerryTheSnail

    My New Webcomic

    If anyone cares to see it. It's called Black and White Comics, a "gag-a-day" type comic and there's a new one every Saturday. A lot of them are really dumb but if you find it funny, that's great. There's only 3 comics so far but I'm really passionate about this. Feel free to check it out...
  4. JerryTheSnail

    Stuff from my sketchbooks and art projects (Non-Spongebob Art)

    So this is just a bunch of drawings not related to Spongebob I've done. Some existing characters, some of my characters, some other completely different stuff. Some of it is really rough and sloppy, some of it is very polished and refined. I want to share it with all of you guys since you have...
  5. JerryTheSnail

    It's Been a While So Here's More SB Drawings

    I'm really trying to improve on my hands. I drew some in my own style but I'll have to find them.
  6. JerryTheSnail

    Are people being harsher on season 9.2?

    It really feels like since the quality and the hype went up, some people are nitpicking the flaws of the good episodes, and whenever a bad/mediocre episode comes out, people will go "well, I guess Spongebob will never get better, all hope is lost". Now obviously I'm exaggerating, but does anyone...
  7. JerryTheSnail

    Does this track even have an official name?

    I've heard this track called "Hawaiian Pussycat" and "Nostalgic Hawaii" by different sources, but this album calls it "Surfing and Waving"......so what even is the name of this track???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfU-so7upaU
  8. JerryTheSnail

    They Should Make an Episode That Consists of Just Shorts

    Like what they did in season 5, minus the 11 minute segments. Just a bunch of shorts that range from 30 seconds to 4 or 5 minutes. I think it would be a nice change in format for the show, and would allow the artists and writers to get really creative and maybe try different art styles. Maybe it...
  9. JerryTheSnail

    Spongebob's high-pitched scream

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcSXr1uTsGg Whatever happened to it? It was such an iconic aspect of the show and the character. I think the last time we heard it was in season 5, though I could be wrong. And yes it makes sense that Tom Kenny might have a hard time doing it now that he's older...
  10. JerryTheSnail

    Small nitpicky coloring issue

    What is up with Man Ray's color palette? In every post-movie episode he appears in, the shadows on the red part of his suit are this weird light shade of red that makes them not look like shadows. He is so brightly colored, even compared to the rest of the characters his palette is unusually...
  11. JerryTheSnail

    Season 2 coloring: TV vs. DVD

    Many people have pointed out that in season 2, Spongebob is very pale in most of the episodes. However, I'm pretty sure that is only the case with the DVD and other digital releases of Season 2. As for the TV versions of the episodes, he is actually his normal yellow color (for the most part)...
  12. JerryTheSnail

    Spongebob drawings, sketches, and faces from my sketchbooks

    The second picture is just me experimenting with different styles. It's a lot of fun. I'll post more when I get the chance.
  13. JerryTheSnail

    Hello Everybody!

    I'm JerryTheSnail. I created my account in April but I haven't really used it yet. My username also used to be Reg, but I just think JerryTheSnail sounds better. So technically I'm new to this site as a user, but I'm pretty familiar with it. I love to draw and I hope to work in animation in the...