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  1. Re-Hydrated Sponge

    How do I edit my bio?

    Title says it all.
  2. Re-Hydrated Sponge

    Chris Reccardi has passed away.

    Chris Reccardi has sadly passed away, today. He worked on shows such as Ren & Stimpy, the original PPG, Samurai Jack and of course SpongeBob. He wrote and storyboarded episodes such as "The Inmates of Summer", "20,000 Patties Under the Sea" and "A Life in a Day". He also did storyboards for the...
  3. Re-Hydrated Sponge

    The reason why King Neptune looks different in the first movie.

    Paramount wasn't allowed to use the character, even though they and Nick are both owned by Viacom. They couldn't even use images of Goofy Goober during the post-movie era.
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    Send me backgrounds from the SuperSponge assets.

    I run the @ArtofBob account on twitter. Send me some backgrounds from the SuperSponge assets. I'll credit you in the post.
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    Is Club SpongeBob a metaphor for religion?

    What dp you guys think?
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    Twitter bans cp art

    Yeah.... the title says it all.
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    The best Spider-Man actor

    We all know who's the best
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    Deleted scenes from Life of Crime

    Jay Lender posted a lot of great deleted scenes from "Life of Crime" on his twitter today, here they are!
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    Chuck Klein returns

    I've talked to Vincent Waller on twitter and it seems that Chuck Klein is returning for the 3rd movie.He storyboarded episodes such as Imitation Krabs, Pickles, Bubble Buddy, Mid-life Crustacean and I Had an Accident.
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    The Sweatbox

    A documentary from 2002 about the painful making of "The Emperor's New Groove" or as it was known during production "Kingdom of the Sun".What's really interesting is that this documentary used to be really rare and Disney themselves tried to take down torrents of the film, and they were...
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    Trippy Plankton Paranoia Sequence

    Wanted to hear your thoughts on that one scene from Plankton Paranoia(you know the one!) Also, not sure if it was intentional, but mr.Krabs has the same light blue color from Squeaky Boots.
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    Season 11 quality bump

    IMO ever since Doodle Dimension(the first episode of the 2nd half of the season)Aired i noticed a major jump in quality. While there's still a lot of visual wackiness, it's balanced out with some really funny jokes.That and it no longer has the infantile humor of season 10 and a few 1st half...
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    Paul Tibbitt is making a new series at Dreamworks

    According to Vincent Waller on twitter, Paul Tibbitt is no longer working on the 3rd movie and won't be getting a writing credit.Kyle McCulloch is also no longer working on the movie.Instead the writer will be Tim Hill(not sure if he is a full-on writer or just a story guy).Vincent later said...
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    Worst Theme Songs Ever

    Rules:Don't post FB&CC's or BW's theme songs.Everyone already knows they're awful There are some awful theme songs out there, so post them here.Cartoons and Anime are allowed
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    New Storyboard Artist

    Vincent Waller revealed a new Storyboard artist on twitter a few weeks ago(sadly i wasn't able to find the tweet) Mark Ackland is doing a freelance Storyboard for season 12(don't know which episode).He did character designs on Clone High and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,was a layout...
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    Guess the episode!

    Try to guess the episode from the screenshot This one is pretty hard
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    Modern spongebob sucks

    modern spongebob is bad.he cries to much,patrick is a jrk.why cant they fire casey alexander!!!!????thee enimatiun is soo stiif!!!!what is this?family man?!evry episode past season 3 sucks!!!!!modern spingebill is garbage and thats a fact!!!stevn universe is sooo much betterr!!!!
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    Hey guys, new member

    Hi i,m a new user.I'm a really big fan of SpongeBob and all things absorbent