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  1. Canned Bread

    Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

    Argue/discuss on this controvertial and relevant topic.
  2. Canned Bread

    Marine Biology

    What are some good marine biology colleges in the U.S.? I want to pursue this career, and am searching for the best place to be informed on the subject. Any recomendations or ideas? Stephen Hillenburg was and is just a huge inspiration for me, I want to live on his legacy.
  3. Canned Bread

    What is the best movie from the dark knight trilogy?

    My personal favorite is also my favorite film of all time, The Dark Knight. How about you guys?
  4. Canned Bread

    Most Over-hated or overlooked episode?

    In my opinion, this show has more good episodes than bad ones, and people tend to disregad seasons 5-8 too much. So I made this thread to see your guys opinions on some episodes you think are underappreciated. My pick for the most underrated episode would have to be SB vs the big one, I...
  5. Canned Bread

    Does anyone want to chat?

    i don't have classes today, and all of my friends are away at the beach, did anyone want to chat on here about anything, spongebob or non-spongebob related?
  6. Canned Bread

    First kiss

    Recently had mine this year, how did your's go down? (If at all haha)
  7. Canned Bread

    Spongebob moves-in

    Do any of you guys play this game and have a cool bikini bottom? was wondering because I recenty got the game and wanted to see some of your builds.
  8. Canned Bread

    A great review, or discussion about spongebob, and what makes it great.

    Love emplemon's in depth discussion about spongebob, you guys should definently watch
  9. Canned Bread

    What's your go-to food when going to a new resturaunt?

    Mine has to be either wingsor anything chicken related.
  10. Canned Bread

    Whhat's the meaning of life?

    I think it's to just have fun, and not worry about social pressures and things that bring you down.
  11. Canned Bread

    Hershey Park

    I go here all the time, anyone else? Because if so, tell me about your expirience, because I love it there.
  12. Canned Bread

    Cable T.V. will die in less than ten years.

    Cable TV has been a part of all of our childhoods, but with growing popularity of streaming services, youtube, and online sites, TV is just going to be surpassed, what's your opinion?
  13. Canned Bread

    Favorite day of the week?

    Mine obviously has to be saturday. What about you guys?
  14. Canned Bread

    Where can I get trading cards?

    I can't seem to find the trading cards store
  15. Canned Bread

    Does anyone here listen to Brock Hampton?

    I've been listening to their music a lot recently, and I was wondering if their are any other fans out there.
  16. Canned Bread

    The episode discussion Forum

    Due to the new layout of the website, the episode discussion forum is kinda of messed up, and I can't rate episodes or see the title cards, which is really annoying. If anyone would be down to fix it or maybe have a new way to rate them, that'd be pretty nice. Just annoying because it used to be...
  17. Canned Bread

    Guys, I was reflecting back on the good old days of nickelodeon. One of the best things I remember was the website. It has rons of different games, episodes, and cool details. But the best thing about it was the club. I don't remember exactly what it was called, but it was amazing. You could...
  18. Canned Bread

    Nostalgic episodes

    This show is really, really nostalgic, being pretty much the best thing to happen in my childhood. The most nostalgic episode for me would have to be "graveyard shift", mostly because of the dark and eerie atmosphere. How about you guys?
  19. Canned Bread

    Can someone make me a signature?

    I've seen a lot of good (and cringy) signatures of people, so was wondering if someone wanted to make one for me.
  20. Canned Bread

    Favorite location in bikini bottom?

    There are a lot of unique places in spongebob, some that I think deserve more of a spotlight. Like glove world/universe for instance. Roller cowards is one of my favorite episodes, mostly because of the message it's trying to get by, but also for just the atmosphere of the amusmet park. With all...