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  1. QuestionGirl1998

    smug boi & depressed boi

    I wish I could be a talented drawer like you are
  2. QuestionGirl1998

    Which SB character are you based on your height?

    I’m Harold Squarepants
  3. QuestionGirl1998

    How many alarms do you have set?

    I use my Alexa for an alarm
  4. QuestionGirl1998

    Say the first thing on your mind!

    Blueberry eggos with syrup
  5. QuestionGirl1998

    Happy April Fools!

    It was a joke! Hence April Fools! I love Spongebob with all of my heart
  6. QuestionGirl1998

    Happy April Fools!

    I was going to say that Spongebob was a terrible show and there are better shows than spongebob but I was a chicken and backed out. I thought y’all would hate on me and ban and delete me from this website
  7. QuestionGirl1998

    Say the first thing on your mind!

    Public Speaking is the worst class ever and I'm in that class with a bunch of stuck up high schoolers which one of the girls thinks she's all that
  8. QuestionGirl1998

    Say the first thing on your mind!

    Kim Possiblw movie So The Drama
  9. QuestionGirl1998

    Pinned thread Hey yo! It's survey time! **2000 QUESTIONS**

    Yes, yes, I know I'm jumping onto the bandwagon pretty late, but I love asking questions and answering questions, so I'm giving this a shot. I'm currently reading all of the answers y'all wrote and I'm finding it entertaining! 1. Do you snore at night? According to my mom and sister, yes. But...
  10. QuestionGirl1998

    Pinned thread Hey yo! It's survey time! **2000 QUESTIONS**

    I have some websites where you can watch Spongebob if you need it
  11. QuestionGirl1998

    Favorite day of the week?

    Friday because all of my classes for the week are over so I get to sleep in and relax for the day and the weekend
  12. QuestionGirl1998

    Favorite restaurants?

    I know this post is late. But Tropical Smoothie, Five Guys, Chick Fa La
  13. QuestionGirl1998

    What kind of shoes do you wear?

    Birkenstocks, tennis shoes, flip flops, and booties
  14. QuestionGirl1998

    Moments in shows that scared you when you were younger

    This isn't a show but this is a movie. In Twitches 2 when Thantos came back to life, I always hid. His face after he turned around and showed Alex and Camryn that he was alive was so creepy. Villains always make the creepiest faces. But now, his face doesn't affect me that much
  15. QuestionGirl1998

    Do you like going to the beach?

    Where I live in the summer tourists are on the beach. But still, I find the beach relaxing. Mainly when I'm at the beach, you can find me in the water, swimming far out
  16. QuestionGirl1998

    Spam Emails

    I did something for my college which I didn't have to do and I keep on getting spam emails from that. I've just to block it and unsubscribe but it didn't do anything. It just fills up my email
  17. QuestionGirl1998

    Ask the person below a question

    I don't know what either of those are so neither. And let's continue this! It's been two years since this stopped! Which is better: a peanut butter jelly sandwich or a turkey sandwich?
  18. QuestionGirl1998

    Spongebob Won Favorite Cartoon KCA's!

    We did it! Spongebob won Favorite Cartoon last night at the KCA's! Stephen Hillenburg is up in Heaven, smiling down at us!