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  1. The Red Lizard

    Adam Paloian shows us that Spongebob actually still uses paper for its animation Well, this is interesting. Never thought they would still use this technique.
  2. The Red Lizard

    Strange unused background from the episode Snowball Effect

    I recently found this post on Twitter by Adam Paloian, a storyboard artist, and he explains about this strange, unused background that was supposed to be used for the episode, Snowball Effect, but never was. Also, he says that it was a "lost" painting, so this could mean something... It also...
  3. The Red Lizard

    A new Spongebob screensaver has been found.

    This might be kind of a lousy topic, but I still wanted to point this out. Apparently, lemurboy123 on Twitter found a very old screensaver with Spongebob in it. This was from 1999, the same year the show came out. This is a really cool and nice find, though, so i'll give him that. This thing was...
  4. The Red Lizard

    Club Penguin Rewritten is shutting down March 4th (not clickbait)

    Well guys, we're about to lose CP. Again. Such a shame that the site's closing down; had alot of fun on it. Dang; didn't expect this to happen.
  5. The Red Lizard

    There were originally more "Moar Krabs" drawings in the original storyboard for Jellyfish Hunter... Pretty creepy stuff. If these drawings were actually added to the episode, they would probably scare the living heck out of me. Jeez. Look at the second picture in the spoiler or look at the Twitter post.
  6. The Red Lizard

    Original backgrounds from The Snowball Effect

    Apparently, on Nick Animation's Twitter, they posted a few backgrounds from the episode "The Snowball Effect", mostly for the holiday season. Check these out! NOTE: These images are really big, so that's why I spoiled them.
  7. The Red Lizard

    I just found an amazing find...

    Guys, oh my god. I was searching on ebay for random Spongebob production stuff and I found this picture: This looks a senquence from that Target commercial! This is really cool; didn't expect to find this. I also didn't know that it was probably cel animated and the animation was drawn on...
  8. The Red Lizard

    A final goodbye.

    Hey guys, it's me again. As you can tell by the title, yes, I am leaving, and it's actually true this time. It's not that type of leaving that you come back after 1 day or so. It's real. You see, I don't really go on this site as much anymore, and i'm getting bored from it. But actually, the...
  9. The Red Lizard

    (NOT CLICKBAIT) Stefan Karl Stefansson no longer has cancer! Yep, this is real. No lie.
  10. The Red Lizard

    Do you have any pets?

    Hey guys, do you have any pets? For me, I have quite a few. I have 2 dogs, a bearded dragon, an orange tetra (fish), and a crayfish. So, what do you have?
  11. The Red Lizard

    New drawing - SpongeBob in his Jellyfishing outfit

    Yep, drew another Spongebob, but this time, it's jellyfishing style. :) EDIT: oh shoot i just realised that i drew Spongebob's jellyfishing net way too tiny, but oh well
  12. The Red Lizard

    Favorite sports?

    What are your favorite sports? For me, my favorites are football and basketball.
  13. The Red Lizard

    Tony Rosaro, the voice of Mama Luigi, dies at age 62. Well, this sucks. One of the cast members from one of the Mario cartoons died yesterday. He also was the star of that famous meme that was called "Mama Luigi" from 2007. He was only 62 years old. I can't belive this happened. I can...
  14. The Red Lizard

    So...the international intro was remade in HD... Welp, it happened. Also, sorry if Hebrew letters are blocking the Spongebob bubble part, this was from an actual airing. Also, credit to ExtraAbsorbent for the video. Also, I'm not very sure if there's already a topic for this. Anyway, I actually can't believe the...
  15. The Red Lizard

    Air Guitar an amazing video by NotSmirks
  16. The Red Lizard

    20 years of Hey Arnold Yes, today is the day. Hey Arnold turns 20 today. There is a video about the 20th anniversary of Hey Arnold at the top.
  17. The Red Lizard

    That's it, enough with the drama. I've seen enough now.

    So recently, I've seen a lot of drama lately on this site. There have been HUGE fights over stuff that was pretty unreal to watch. Remember when [insert offensive guy here] talked trash to ssj last month? You probably remember. This is unacceptable. This site is reaching a new low now. But this...
  18. The Red Lizard

    Original storyboard for the pilot episode

    I found a old storyboard picture of the pilot episode of SpongeBob on Google. Also, the show name was originally called "Spongeboy Ahoy!".
  19. The Red Lizard

    Krabby Patty music video Oh look, more cringe.
  20. The Red Lizard

    Elektro Jellyfish Discuss this amazing remix (or YTPMV) here.