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  1. iPlankton

    Do we know what episodes Hillenburg has started work on?

    In other words, what episodes started production AFTER Hillenburg came back? I'm aware there is a LOT that goes into making a cartoon and the show's quality is not necessarily solely dependent on him. But I want to see if there is in fact a quality difference. I feel like the show has gotten...
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    Happy Release Day!

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    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking here for awhile, but some of you may remember me from back in the good ol' days. I was Sir SpongeBob at one point. I remember some of ya'll too. Well, the new movie brought me back and I figured out how to connect my Facebook account to here, so I will...
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    All Seasons Being Repackaged(?)

    So we had season 4, season 5 & season 6 released last month complete for the first time ever with packaging to match last year's season 7 release. Then we saw the announcement of season 8 to follow that format. Now I was at the store the other day and lo and behold a re-release of season 1 was...
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    The Office

    I know there was a topic about it a long time ago but I didn't see it recently so here we are. Last season was a disaster. High hopes for season 9, though. Creator Greg Daniels confirmed it's the last season. I'm ok with that for sure, as long as it goes out on a high note.
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    Anyone Notice

    How "The Gift of Gum" & "Fungus Among Us", and then "The Battle of Bikini Bottom" & "Sandcastles in the Sand" are basically the same episodes? 1. Some unwanted object comes into SpongeBob's posession 2. Attempts to get rid of it. 3. Spreads 4. The whole town gets involved 5. Just when all is...
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    Is the Show Finally Going Downhill?

    A lot of people will argue that it went downhill after season 3. But honestly, looking back, season 4 was as good as the first three. Season 5 was bad, season 6 had some great episodes but ultimately was just slightly better than season 5. Now season 7 has had some great episodes, but 2010...
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    "Krabby Patty No More" Airs October 2010
  9. iPlankton

    "Neptune's Party" = "Clash of the Triton" = "Triton's Revenge" DVD
  10. iPlankton

    My Prediction

    We will be going on another hiatus as far as the show like the years 2005-2007ish. And actually by hiatus I mean the next year or so will have few new episodes, because Nickelodeon has nearly exhausted their supply of season 7, and season 8 was renewed on VERY short notice. They are probably a...
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    "SpongeBob SquarePants" Returns for Ninth Season

    You can read on, that SpongeBob SquarePants and the Penguins of Madagascar have been renewed a season, bringing the total count to nine seasons for the former. This was announced at Nickelodeon Upfront 2010.
  12. iPlankton

    Season 7 Thus Far

    121. Sandcastles in the Sand / Shell Shocked 122. Chum Bucket Supreme / Single Cell Anniversary 123-124. Truth or Square? 125. Pineapple Fever / Chum Caverns 126. Neptune's Party 127. Tentaclevision / I Heart Dancing 128. Growth Spout / Stuck in the Wringer 129. Someone's in the Kitchen with...
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    "SpongeBob's Last Stand" DVD Release Date: March 16
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    "Truth or Square?" DVD

    The "Truth or Square?" DVD does NOT include the editted version of the movie. However, the included cut is NOT the one originally aired either. It has an even more extended cut for a runtime of 1:00:13. Just letting you know.
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    "Truth or Square?" Discussion

    It started a few minutes ago, it's pretty good. Even the Patchy segments are pretty funny. It's a collaboration of all the writers and it's widescreen, so it's a real treat. I like the stop-motion opening, but the music wasn't thrilling. Either way, it's great so far.
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    Your Favorite Episode Comes to DVD...

    Dear Vikings Ditchin' Grandpappy the Pirate Cepholopod Lodge Shuffleboarding Professor Squidward Pets or Pests? Komputer Overload No special features yet. I like the packaging, but I'm not gonna get this unless there are some great...
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    The First 100 Episodes DVD Info (Almost final)

    Since there are some people wondering what "100 Episodes" means, I'll show you. It's seasons 1-5, and it's 196 segments and 100 episodes. To explain, this is the list of what's on the DVD. The only unknown details are the shorts, which episodes have audio commentaries, whether or not the...
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    SpongeBob SquarePants- Season 6, Volume 1 Title: SpongeBob SquarePants- Season 6, Volume 1 Release Date: December 8, 2009 Contents: Disc 1: House Fancy Krabby Road Spongicus Suctioncup Symphony Penny Foolish Nautical Novice Not Normal Gone The Splinter Slidewhistle Stooges...
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    For some reason, everyone copies me... is this some sort of new fad or something? ^_~