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  1. CheeseCrocker

    My ranking for each SpongeBob season

    I've decided to rewatch SpongeBob again because a lot of my old opinions I don't agree with even after my previous rewatch. So here it goes! 13. Season 12 Right off the bat, this season is much more weaker than season 11, and heck, even the rest of the seasons. This episode overly relies on...
  2. CheeseCrocker

    Show News New episodes of SpongeBob airing November 23rd and the 30th

    I've already seen these episodes because of leaks
  3. CheeseCrocker

    Why did it take so long for a movie sequel to happen?

    Because their taking the time to make these movies as good as possible
  4. CheeseCrocker

    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Good The String
  5. CheeseCrocker

    144a. That Sinking Feeling

    Some funny jokes, but nothing else is that memorable. Eh Episode (6/10)
  6. CheeseCrocker

    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Good SpongeBob's Bad Habit
  7. CheeseCrocker

    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Good Bossy Boots
  8. CheeseCrocker

    258b. The Goofy Newbie

    Didn't really care for this one. It didn't have that many jokes and the overall plot was forgettable. Eh Episode (5.5/10)
  9. CheeseCrocker

    248b. Squid's on a Bus

    First half was ok, I could tolerate it but it wasn't very funny. Second half is really funny though, with many great gags, like the Grim Reaper. Good Episode (7/10)
  10. CheeseCrocker

    Is Season 12 so far the worst Post Sequel Season?

    Episodes I legitimately find funny this season: FarmerBob Pineapple RV (first half) Plankton's Old Chum (first half) The Krusty Bucket (ending) Squid's on a Bus Insecurity Guards Senior Discount
  11. CheeseCrocker

    Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    Band Geeks is not top 50 material.
  12. CheeseCrocker

    Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    Most of the infamous SB S8 episodes (aside from Are You Happy Now and Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom) are overhated. Oh and also, Treats! is a very weak episode.
  13. CheeseCrocker

    Is Season 12 so far the worst Post Sequel Season?

    That being said this season is still okay, it's kind of hard for me to truly dislike a SpongeBob season because it's one of those shows I always find good qualities about, and there a few really good episodes in this season, but it's not really something worth watching and season 10 and even...
  14. CheeseCrocker

    137a. One Coarse Meal

    The first four minutes of this episode are truly amazing. There's this epic battle scene, many great jokes, and more. The rest of this episode isn't too bad or anything, I don't think Mr. Krabs purposely is intentionally trying to drive Plankton to suicide, rather just scare him so he doesn't...
  15. CheeseCrocker

    Is Season 12 so far the worst Post Sequel Season?

    I personally think it is. I laugh way less than season 12 than I did with season 11, which is saying something because I don't find that season to be that hilarious at least in the 2018 episodes. The plots so far are also not too impressive or anything and I think this show is focusing too much...
  16. CheeseCrocker

    256a. SpongeBob in RandomLand

    The episode's plot is kind of forgettable and not very funny, but the cool visuals and that weird drug trip part towards the end put this up higher. Eh Episode (6.5/10)
  17. CheeseCrocker

    256b. SpongeBob's Bad Habit

    11 minutes of SpongeBob biting people's nails. Only good part was the ending. NEXT! Bad Episode (2.5/10)
  18. CheeseCrocker

    Botton 20 Spongebob episodes

    My bottom 20: 20. Dumped 19. The Ballad of Filthy Muck 18. Squeaky Boots 17. Bumper to Bumper 16. Grandma's Kisses 15. Plankton's Regular 14. Bubblestand 13. A Pal for Gary 12. The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom 11. SpongeBob's Bad Habit 10. Fun-Sized Friends 9. Ripped Pants 8. Atlantis...
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    Pinned thread Grade The Spongebob Episode Above

    8.5/10 Walking Small
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    Pinned thread Number Game