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    tfw you've contracted illness

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    That Regal Cinemas Rollercoaster Policy Trailer thingy-ma-jig-fignewton Okay so sources on the internet say that this existed until 2004. I'm absolutely bamboozled because I swear on my gingerbread cookie's grave that I remember seeing this thing before movies as an older child in elementary school (2006-2010) yet so many...
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    When did you learn how to ride a bike?

    I'm trying to learn one right now. It is very frustrating, but I hope I can safely say that I will eventually learn it and qualify to vote for my 18+ option. :/ How about you guys. You adults who are trying to learn please validate me.
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    Wanna hear a really bad math joke

    if t = Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends and center=0 It's a TAYLOR Series! :laughsquid: :laughsquid: :laughsquid: :laughsquid: :laughsquid: that was so bad end my suffering
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    Texting vs Phone Call vs Video Chat

    I generally prefer texting personally, just because having the time to think about what I want to say is much more helpful and I would say I'm one of the more entertaining and easy to text people out there. However, I do hate text's emotional ambiguity so I also really appreciate video chatting...
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    There was a topic on social media alone, but how about the actual act of communicating to someone via instant message/text? I think it has its advantages and disadvantages. It's pretty awesome to be able to use emojis or send people reaction GIFS. In addition, I think it's lovely that you get...
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    How close do you consider your SB forum (or net in general) friends?

    Or in other words, do you put your friends you've met on the web on the same level as your real life friends? Personally, I do consider you people my friends, however, I feel there are definitely different levels of how close I feel to a friend online. For example, there are some people who I...
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    Fasting in a nutshell
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    It's one thing if Nick fails to use a meme... but this just makes it very clear they have no idea wh

    no one is going to ::dolphin noise:: while watching splat omf are you stupid Nick management?!?!
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    SBM members in gifs/pictures/YOUTUBE VIDEOS--2015 edition. 4-year celebration!

    As of tomorrow, I'll have been here 4 years. Lots of members have left, but lots of new members have graced my presence with nothing but humor and sweetness. I think I need to give you all shoutouts.. but in picture form. :sbgrin: To those who I've known all along, I can only say that you've...
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    justfallthings.. I think

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    What is the average (1980-2010 Normals) first freeze where you live?

    If you do NOT know where to look up this info, simply google the name of the nearest bigger city than you with "first freeze" in the search, If that doesn't work (which honestly I doubt it will work). then do the following. It's less complicated than it looks. 1)...
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    The Dump on SBM more like

    I'm so happy I found this on tumblr because I don't think I have ever seen anything describe the dump more accurately--miniscule jokes that should be irrelevant being too tempting to resist causing so much repetition and effectively exploding the forum :rofl:
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    The Milk Survey!

    Vote in the poll and explain why! 1) Whole... if I want to drink healthy milk I'll get the almond type. :thumbsup: 2) Chocolate... it's freaking chocolate. Only weird people like ooooooooofy don't like chocolate 3) COLD... COLD MILK COLD MILK COLD MILK it is the best on a warm, muggy...
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    Everyone on SBM summed up

    <snip> sorry not sorry
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    who are your least favorite sbm members

    i hate cha so much she introduced me to that gay guy:
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    Deep analysis of SB fanart

    On the surface, this deep artwork may just be a picture of SpongeBob murdering Squidward as the poor little Squid screams to death. It is evident that Squidward is feeling physical pain--but is that really what this artwork is trying to convey? If you look closely at Squidward's face, you will...
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    aww, isn't plankton so cute--

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    Take off your blouse and underpants....

    RIP. Hopefully Squidwards blouse and underpants are off in Squidiam heaven <3