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  1. SirKazuma

    Bravely Default

    Here's my analysis of the game thus far.. ( I'm 10 hours in ) First off, I'd like to stay I've been thoroughly enjoying the game thus far. There are just so many things the game has done right and it shows that JRPGs are in fact NOT a dying genre. Many may dislike the "SP" feature, but it is...
  2. SirKazuma

    Best Games of the Year (2013)

    Now that it is officially 2014, let's look back at the year of gaming. Personally, the best game that I think came out this year was The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds. It's a sequel to my 2nd favorite Zelda game ever, and it's so amazing. The music is nostalgic, and so are all the...
  3. SirKazuma

    Anime Night - 11/8/13

    We are holding a small get together of the otaku on this site ( or just anyone who wants to come ) to watch an anime. Either this Saturday, we are going to show the first few episodes of an anime. I'll post a small synopsis to whatever we're going to watch... (from MyAnimeList ) Dangan Ronpa...
  4. SirKazuma

    Best Video Game Music! ( Themed )

    The music in video games has always been a very important part of my overall opinion of the game. I originally thought it would be cool to make a favorite video game topic, but that's too simple. I decided that every 2 weeks, starting today, I would select a theme and ask people to submit their...
  5. SirKazuma

    Pokemon X and Y Expectations

    It's finally coming out this Saturday! Although I'm not getting it at launch, I plan on getting Y because the bird looks cool. So what is everyone excited about, Mega Evolutions, the Fairy Type, new plot? What are your hopes for the game? What starter are you planning on getting?
  6. SirKazuma

    Anime Club

    So I posted a status update ( I don't know how many of you saw it ) But I wanted to start a anime club, essentially a book club with anime. Each 2 weeks or something we'd watch a show then talk about it afterwards. I'm sure that some people would be interested in this sort of thing since it's a...
  7. SirKazuma

    Generic CupCake Poll

    Yes, this is your generic cupcake poll (yes seriously). Usually you'll find a combination of vanilla and chocolate flavors in cupcakes. What combination of frosting and cake do you prefer? This is kinda random, sorry XD I like chocolate frosting and vanilla cake cupcakes the best. If there's a...
  8. SirKazuma

    Cookie Clicker

    Anyone here play cookie clicker? I've been addicted to it for the past few days and I was wondering if anyone else plays it?
  9. SirKazuma

    Top 16 Zelda Games!

    I've decided to make a list of my least favorite to favorite Zelda games of all time. There have been 16 games released if you do not count the CD-I titles and Link's Crossbow Training. I plan to start this list tomorrow, let me know what you guys think!
  10. SirKazuma

    Kazuma's Top 41 Season 1 Episodes

    Well guys, this is my first list since joining the site! So I decided that I would make a Season 1 countdown list! I'll get started by saying that I am not using "too overrated" as an excuse to put a good episode lower on the list. I will put them depending on how much I like them, that's all...
  11. SirKazuma

    Video Games you've started playing recently

    I recently started playing Chrono Cross recently on the PSN, does anyone here have any opinions/thoughts on the game? I'm really enjoying it so far, and the sound track is amazing! :) Take a listen :p I honestly think it's overshadowed by it's predessor, Chrono...
  12. SirKazuma

    Good morning, world and all who inhabit it!

    Hi there, um I've been a lurker on these forums for awhile and I've decided to finally make an account. ^_^ I guess that's all I really needed to say, well, I guess, Greetings all! :lol: